Revitalize yourself with the Cloudworks Wellness Week


Revitalize yourself with the Cloudworks Wellness Week

April 06 / 2023

Coworking spaces are constantly receiving a trickle of companies and freelancers looking for flexible offices, adapted to the demands of a hybrid and changing environment. 

Remote workers come to these spaces to carry out their work in a professional, healthy and sociable environment. They need it to feel physically and mentally at ease. 

At Cloudworks we prioritize the user experience of workers, enhancing both their productivity and wellness. And it is this last concept, related to the proper functioning of the body and mind, to which we dedicate the Wellness Week

The event will take place in the third week of April 2023, from the 17th to the 21st of that month. It focuses on promoting wellness development at all our locations in Barcelona. 

What is wellness in a coworking?

The idea of feeling at ease in a shared workspace certainly varies from person to person. For some, it can be linked to abundant natural light in the office. For others, with the incorporation of living vegetation and natural materials, some are comforted by a small space to practice yoga.

This can bring enormous value to companies, especially in the coworking sector. Initiatives such as Wellness Week help strengthen the longevity of companies, as well as the loyalty of the coworkers who promote it.

Benefits of enhancing wellness

A study conducted by Oxford Academics reveals that professionals who participated in wellness programs benefited. Most had lower medical expenses, higher performance and a healthier physical and mental state. 

Among the main benefits of applying this type of program we can find: 

Improved productivity

A pleasant and safe environment is an effective stimulus for motivation, often leading to more inspiration at work.

Well programs are the best remedy against presenteeism. A term that refers to those indifferent workers who limit themselves to warming the seat without ever showing the least involvement in the company and with no intention of progressing in their daily work.

Improved health

Companies that implement Wellness programs seek to take care of their employees’ physical and mental health all year round. Not only do they benefit, but the company benefits by seeing how many illnesses that cause sick leaves are reduced.

Talent retention

Human capital is a company’s greatest asset. The relationship between employers and employees is strengthened by taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional state.

This leads to greater involvement of the professionals in the company and considerably reduces any possible intention to leave the company.

Improvement of business reputation

Investing in the wellbeing of workers increases their productivity, which is a compelling return for companies. At the same time, this type of program shows companies as allies of workers.

Such a business attitude enhances both its internal and external image. This undoubtedly has a positive impact when it comes to attracting talent. 

At Cloudworks, in addition to proposals such as the Wellness Week, we try to get our cloudworkers to work and socialize with each other in a healthy and comfortable environment throughout the year. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing.

That’s why we have spaces with abundant natural light, common areas for the recreation of the members of the community, and large terraces with stunning views of Madrid or Barcelona.

WELL Certification in GV645

Cloudworks’ efforts to promote our members’ physical and mental comfort have led us to obtain the WELL Certification at our Gran Via 645 location in Barcelona.

Lighting, air quality, or adequate acoustics are factors that favor the wellbeing of workers. Our goal is for this certificate to be the first of many. We know that the more comfortable cloudworkers are in our spaces, the better they can carry out their work. 

Cloudworks Wellness Week Activities

These are some of those scheduled:


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