Our values


We have a close relationship with our clients and other co-workers that facilitates communication and transparency.


We promote synergies among ourselves, with our clients and suppliers. We support local and global projects to add initiatives.


We are constantly improving and innovating, beyond our wildest dreams, and we help our members to do the same.


We have a deep-rooted spirit of service, regardless of our roles. We work for our members with a can-do and friendly attitude.


We are consistent with our objectives and look for ways to honor our agreements. We also encourage increasingly sustainable initiatives and spaces.

Our team

Marta Gràcia


Sergi Tarragona


Alba Roca

Community Lead

Claudia Bombardó

Senior Community Coordinator

Miren Andrea Vicente

Senior Community Coordinator

Irene Martín Jiménez

Senior Community Coordinator

Álvaro Hernández

Community Coordinator

Ester Puñet

Community Coordinator

Cristina Quílez

Community Coordinator

Greta Ditè

Community Coordinator

Marcel Aranda

Community Coordinator

Andrea Palomo Gutiérrez

Community & Administration Trainee

Claudia Pal

Community Assistant

Sara Gasmi

Front Desk Manager

María Castro Arriaza

Front Desk & Administration Assistant

Anna Perez

Sales Manager

Cristina Bosch

Sales Representative

Xavier Lasús

Sales Representative

Carolina Falcone

Accounting Manager

Julieta Raschinsky

Accounting Assistant

María Candelaria Burgos

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Célia Mathilde Marrucheli

Business Analyst

Sara Berdón

Events Manager

Clàudia De Luna i Visa

Events Coordinator

Gabriela Saorín Miras

Meeting Rooms & Events Coordinator Junior

Cristina Vigil

Cluster Manager

María Teresa García

Cluster Manager

Helena Puigdevall

Offices and Facilities Manager

Harrold Rapisura Abe

Offices and Facilities Assistant

Jennifer Seguel

People & Culture Specialist

Verónica González

Marketing & Communications Manager

Laia Safont

Content Marketing Executive

Andrea Crivellaro

Digital Specialist

Xènia Baldrich Vives

Communications Executive

Maria Teresa Cadena

Project Manager