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Coworking Barcelona

Are you looking for a coworking space or an ideal private office for you or your company?

Your coworking space in Barcelona

At Cloudworks, we offer coworking centres for companies or freelancers looking for their flexible workspace. Our locations have common areas and spectacular terraces, ideal for promoting your project in the best areas of Barcelona.

We organize events to facilitate connections and promote continuous training. At Cloudworks, we have a large network of contacts to promote synergies and networking. In addition, we include all the available services to facilitate and accommodate your day-to-day work.

We can adapt every detail to offer an efficient and versatile workplace thanks to our range of common areas, where you can work, meet co-workers and colleagues, or just enjoy a cup of coffee. At Cloudworks, we believe that the space is just as important as the idea itself, which is why we always seek to exceed your expectations.

That is why our locations are the ideal choice, as we pay special attention to design and offer a personalized service to our members. We search for the type of office that best suits your current and future needs in terms of spaces, flexible plans, additional benefits, etc.

Why choose our coworking spaces?

At Cloudworks, our values are based on collaboration, innovation and synergies between professionals. Our spaces are designed to facilitate connections, and we have a team specialized in communities to assist you.

One of the many advantages is the adaptability of our coworking locations in Barcelona to all your needs. Similarly, we understand the vital importance of health and safety prevention measures in the current situation. We have a Preventive Measures Plan that is constantly updated to guarantee safe workspaces.

Furthermore, we understand that the ways of working have changed. We respond to the current demands of the business and startup environments by offering maximum flexibility. At Cloudworks, you will find a comprehensive service to boost your productivity and enhance the comfort and safety of your team.

I do not need to worry about the workspace and can focus on my tasks. The personal benefit is to be able to work in a modern and well maintained workspace, on top of developing meaningful relationships.
jon de andres

Jon de Andrés - Principal Software Engineer