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Find your ideal coworking space here, and connect with a community of professionals in an environment adapted to your needs. At Cloudworks you will find comprehensive and personalized services for freelancers, startups and companies.

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I do not need to worry about the workspace and can focus on my tasks. The personal benefit is to be able to work in a modern and well maintained workspace, on top of developing meaningful relationships.
jon de andres

Jon de Andrés - Principal Software Engineer


What is a coworking?

A coworking is a flexible workspace that offers desks as a full service. In cloudworks we have different options available to adapt to the needs of the proffessional's of today. This service includes all supplies, internet conection, meeting rooms, access to events, discounts with our partners and a community of more than 1500 proffesionals.

What are the differences between a coworking plan and a private office plan?

Fix and Flex coworking plans gives you access to a workspace on a shared table with other coworkers. On the other hand in the private office plan you have your own space for you and your team, this offers you privacy when you need it while still allowing you to be part of the coworking space.

What are the differences between a Fix and Flex plan?

With a Flex plan you will choose a workspace every day between those available. With the Fix plan you will have your designated space, with a chest of drawers for yourself, and you are allowed to leave your equipment at your desk.

What are the differences between the Private Office and Serviced Office plans?

The Private Office plan gives you access to an office inside a coworking space, where you will work amongst other companies and freelancers. We have private offices available with capacity for up to 12 people each and this plan can be combined with other coworking plans. The Serviced Office plan provides a customized office in a space or floor exclusively for your team, from 15 people and upwards. We can also tailor these Serviced Offices to your needs and will manage any and all of your day to day needs.

What are the advantages of a coworking space?

There are many! Some of the most important for our members are having flexible contracts, connecting with a wide and diverse community sector-wise, the possibility of not worrying about managing an office to focus on work, having a productive and dynamic work environment, having a well-designed workspace and multiple common areas, among many others.