Why so much interest in new offices?


Why so much interest in new offices?

March 15 / 2023

They say that after the storm comes the calm. However, now that the hardest moments of the pandemic have passed and with the prospect of overcoming it for good, hopefully in the very short term, there has been a revolution in work models.

Technological disruption, with the motto of “desperate times call for desperate measures”, has boosted the establishment of remote and hybrid work. Face-to-face only work has been reduced compared to pre-pandemic times.

This situation has caused companies to look for new offices to compete with the comforts of working at home that many workers have opted for. 

Strong demand for modern office buildings is driving their rental prices up as well. These state-of-the-art facilities, with ultra-fast Internet and voice-activated meeting rooms, seek to attract professionals who have set up offices in their living rooms. Investing in them is therefore a bet on the future.

JLL new office survey

JLL, a global British commercial real estate services company with a presence in eighty countries, has carried out an interesting study on specialized buildings and modern office design. 

Office buildings in the United States that came into service after 2015 have a higher current occupancy rate than older ones. 

The technology and amenities of these modern offices are more of an expectation than a luxury. Prior to Covid-19, companies focused on offering facilities with gyms, cafeterias or bike storage to attract talent. Gigantic spaces located in the best locations. 

Today, much more importance is given to facilitating the daily routines and work habits of professionals. Artificial Intelligence has become a key ally in achieving this goal. The technology in new offices is far superior to that in the homes of professionals who telework. The challenge is to get many of these workers back to the office.

Modern offices need to be attractive. If they do not offer a lifestyle equal to or better than that enjoyed while working at home, it will be impossible to recover high levels of face-to-face work. 

The importance of good connectivity in modern office design

Often, the need for a fast and powerful internet network contrasts with an infrastructure that has quickly become obsolete. Wireless connectivity in office buildings is getting worse by the day, according to Jason Lund, JLL’s Technology Infrastructure leader.  The root cause is the current increased demand for 5G.

Lund compares the signal strength to an oasis found in the desert. The refreshing lagoon allows to quench the thirst of the animals that come to it. The more animals there are, the faster the lagoon will dry up. In other words, when demand increases and resources remain the same, scarcity arises. 

Workers who opt for face-to-face work after the pandemic do so with a clear idea: there must be a clear improvement in the existing transmission technologies in their offices. If they come back, it’s to work better. Therefore, all systems need to be upgraded and expanded so that they can carry out their work with optimum connectivity.   

JLL’s Technology Infrastructure leader says there is real value in investing in smart technology, as well as the infrastructure that supports it. By not updating the work environment with modern offices, the building will no longer be interesting. Surely it will not appear in the searches of those companies that want to offer their workers attractive, technological and sustainable spaces in which to carry out their activity better than at home. 

Cloudworks: an example of modern offices

It has always been clear to us that our goal is to prioritize the user experience of our professionals. In this way, we promote the wellbeing that our cloudworkers seek, thus improving their productivity. 

  • Our various locations in Madrid and Barcelona offer their users all the benefits of new offices. We have high speed internet of 600 Mb symmetrical. We also adapt the connectivity service to your specific needs. 
  • We have offices with various common areas, meeting rooms, phone booths and spacious terraces with the best views of the city. 
  • All utilities (electricity, water, internet, heating, cleaning service) are included. By not having to worry about their management, you can focus exclusively on your work.
  • The modern design of our offices provides all spaces with abundant natural light. Something that undoubtedly favors the welfare of all our cloudworkers.
  • The Air Quality Plan we have in place at Cloudworks ensures the health of our users at all times. We constantly monitor capacity, collection points and air regeneration.
  • 24/7 access allows access to our locations every day of the week at any time. 

If you want to know more about our locations in Madrid and Barcelona, you just have come by and we will be happy to show you around. You can also take a virtual tour of each of the different locations from your own computer. You’ll see how it’s the workspace you’ve been looking for!

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