The Cloudteam doubled, meet us!


The Cloudteam doubled, meet us!

February 07 / 2020

The last months have been loaded with good news! Among them, the welcome of the new Cloudteam members.

In recent months, the Cloudteam has grown exponentially and we cannot be more grateful. We have opened new dream locations in the heart of Barcelona, such as Cloudworks Passeig de Gràcia and Cloudworks Sant Antoni. In addition, we are proud to say that we extend borders to the capital of Madrid with Cloudworks Cibeles. However, all this would not have been possible without the existence of our coworkers, or Cloudworkers as we like to call them. Thanks to them, we can build the community that we want and try to project daily in our centers.
In the last year we doubled the number of Cloud Team members, and we want to introduce these great professionals who add talent and experience to our community.

Cecilia Bracco

Many of our Cloudworkers already know her, she is the Community Manager of Cloudworks Sant Antoni. She is Peruvian and 5 years ago she moved to Barcelona to study a Masters in Cultural Management and to start working in the world of advertising and communication. Her goal is to generate the best work environment for coworkers. She loves to meet people and discover their talent in order to design experiences that serve as a meeting place to foster synergies. Without Ceci, Cloudworks Sant Antoni would not be the same and, as she would say: “Life is one, let’s enjoy it!”

José Nicolás Pandares

José is the Community Assistant at Cloudworks Cibeles and his case is peculiarly curious. Before he started working at Cloudworks, he was part of an NGO called TECHO, of which he is still a part of. He started as a Cloudworks ambassador before joining the Cloud Team. Today, his routine is focused on keeping the community environment as pleasant as possible and making sure that the events in Cibeles have life. He states that his greatest learning experience has been “learning by doing”, from Angela and everyone at Cloudworks.

Laia Costa

After traveling around the world working in tourism, she decided to return to Barcelona. Since then she began to study and work for the public; that’s how she found Cloudworks. Apart from growing personally with her training for Gestalt therapy, she is also growing professionally at the front desk of Cloudworks Sagrada Família. Laia considers herself  a lucky person to be able to work in a place with great capacity and variety of spaces. She is always there when she is needed with a smile and the good vibes that characterize her. She advises our Cloudworkers to attend all the events organized to connect and create synergies.

Natalia Arteaga

Natalia especially values the importance of human treatment in the development of all lifes activities. For her, a good connection with the people around you makes something ordinary extraordinary.For these reasons she is the Community Coordinator at Cloudworks Sant Joan. Her main task is to provide immediate and unconditional support for members to grow and develop their projects in our location. Her biggest challenge is the continuous improvement and establishment of processes, going beyond the natural function of her role.

Carolina Falcone

Carolina, of Argentine origin, is an expert when it comes to working in coworking spaces. Before starting with Cloudworks, she worked as an accountant in OneCoWork, and is currently our Accounting Manager. Caro supervises and registers the billing, purchasing, collection and payment movements to be able to keep the accounts up to date and thus improve the management of the company. She mainly works from Cloudworks Sagrada Familia, but she likes to move and work in different locations because she believes that each one has its own particularity and charm.

Diana Mao

Diana has experience in real estate. She worked for 5 years at Cushman & Wakefield before joining Cloudworks. Currently she is the Sales Manager, and her objective is to achieve maximum occupancy and profitability of the spaces. What she likes most about her new position is the flexibility that he provides, being able to work in different spaces every day and with different personalities.

We are very pleased to form a committed, multifaceted and diverse team. We hope to reflect that in our services and continue to evolve day by day.

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