Cloudworks Becomes a B Corp: What Does It Mean?


Cloudworks Becomes a B Corp: What Does It Mean?

March 21 / 2024

When Cloudworks recently earned its stripes as a certified B Corporation, it marked a major milestone in its journey. This accomplishment not only reflects a steadfast commitment to sustainability and social responsibility but also establishes Cloudworks as a frontrunner in the global movement towards a more inclusive and regenerative economy.

In this post, we’re diving deep into the B Corp world: what it means, how you obtain the certification, and how Cloudworks is leading by example.

What exactly is a B Corp, and what does it mean to be part of it?

B Corp is a certification that acknowledges companies that excel in social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate accountability. Being part of B Corp means joining a global community of leading businesses in every sector, all dedicated to not just being the best in the world, but the best for the world.

These companies stand out for weaving social and ecological issues into their business fabric, thus striking a balance between social purpose and economic profitability.

In other words, being part of the B movement means committing to creating long-term value that extends beyond just stakeholders. It’s about looking out for everyone: employees, customers, communities, and the environment, all working towards a future that’s both sustainable and fair.

Differences between B Corp and B Lab Spain

When delving into the world of B Corps, you might find yourself pondering the difference between B Corp and B Lab Spain.

Though closely linked, these two entities play distinct roles within the B movement. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • B Corp: refers to individual companies that have attained certification, demonstrating that they meet specific social and environmental performance standards.
  • B Lab Spain: is the non-profit organization responsible for certifying these companies and advocating for the B movement in Spain. It’s part of a global network aiming to reshape the economy for the betterment of all people and the planet.

How to obtain B Corp Certification?

Achieving B Corp certification is a process that requires commitment and transparency over time. Below it’s a breakdown of the steps required to achieve this recognition.

Understanding and Preparation

Before embarking on the certification journey, it’s crucial to grasp the legal and business prerequisites for becoming a B Corp. It’s highly advisable to assemble a dedicated team to guide the process, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

B Impact Assessment

First off, companies need to go through the B Impact Assessment, where they aim to score 80 or higher and pass a risk review. This assessment evaluates the social and environmental impact of the company across crucial areas like governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

Legal Commitment

To proceed, companies must legally commit themselves by adjusting their corporate governance structure to be accountable not only to shareholders, but to all stakeholders.


Being transparent is key. It means making performance information, measured against B Lab standards, accessible to the public via the company’s B Corp profile on the B Lab website.

Verification and Recertification

Once the application is submitted along with the required fee, the evaluation and verification process are completed. Companies then need to update their B Impact Assessment and verify their updated score every three years to retain certification.

This process not only confirms existing good practices but also fosters ongoing improvement, ensuring that the company remains a leader in social and environmental responsibility.

How do I confirm that Cloudworks is indeed a B Corp?

The official B Corp website provides a directory equipped with its own search engine where you can locate all certified B Corp companies along with their respective information and details. Within Cloudworks’ profile, you’ll find its overall impact score, confirming its B Corp status since January 2024.

This transparency ensures that anyone interested can easily access information about Cloudworks’ dedication to upholding high sustainability standards and corporate social responsibility.

How does B Corp certification impact our members?

B Corp certification holds significant implications for Cloudworks members. It underscores the company’s credibility and commitment to sustainable, ethical practices. This can lead to increased pride and job satisfaction among employees, knowing they are part of an organization that prioritizes positive social and environmental impact.


Cloudworks’ B Corp certification isn’t just an achievement; it sends a powerful message to the market and society regarding the significance of a conscientious, responsible business model. This recognition validates our endeavours to embed sustainability and ethics into the core of our strategy and operations, setting an inspiring example for other companies striving to enact a positive change.