5 ways to achieve a more sustainable office


5 ways to achieve a more sustainable office

January 11 / 2023

Maintaining the balance between economic growth, respect for the environment and social wellbeing without depleting existing resources is a necessity today. Sustainability should not be a utopia but rather a goal to be met.

The sustainable office is a true reflection of the new business mentality. An effective and essential adaptation to collaborate in the proper conservation of the planet. An initiative that involves attracting and retaining environmentally conscious workers. 

And it is the younger employees who most demand this type of business practice. Most of them place working in leading companies in sustainability among their preferences. 

Companies listen to the call of the new times and update their offices. Buildings that recycle water, microclimate systems based on the preferences of workers, windows that save energy… Any effort is welcome when it comes to effectively and ecologically managing the resources available.

5 ideas to achieve a sustainable office

From nature to the workplace

Several studies carried out to date confirm that the incorporation of natural elements is beneficial for workers. Natural lighting and ventilation, as well as the use of green walls, help reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing. 

In addition to this, they manage to reduce energy costs. In a time like the one we live in, with skyrocketing electricity rates, the integration of natural light into indoor spaces reduces the need for artificial lighting. The reduction in energy costs can reach up to 80%.

The Citibank Wealth Hub in Singapore is a building designed with meeting spaces landscaped among trees and shrubs, far from the concept of conventional boardrooms. 

A large number of workers want their companies to incorporate indoor plants, green roofs or vertical gardens into their workspaces. Without a doubt, a very interesting idea for creating a sustainable office.

Wastewater recycling in office buildings

The reuse of wastewater in office buildings makes it possible to optimize the use of energy and reduce monthly costs. As recycling takes place in the building itself, the costs of pumping and transporting this type of water are much lower.

A practice that is not only cheaper but also environmentally friendly, since it relieves pressure on cities’ water resources. This is essential today as we are suffering from a worrying reduction in rainfall worldwide. 

Installing smart windows

The technological revolution has also reached glass and windows. There are currently glass windows that automatically adjust their transparency. Thanks to this, they regulate the amount of light and heat that they allow to pass into the space in which they are placed. 

These types of windows reduce the load on the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Therefore, it creates sustainable offices by considerably reducing their energy consumption. 

There are also health benefits for workers in these sustainable offices that use smart windows. For example, the reduction of eye strain by about 50% and headaches by 63%, according to a study conducted by Cornell University.

Using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to save energy

By applying both disciplines, it is possible to predict the thermal needs of a building. To make this prediction, they analyze data related to weather conditions, commercial activity and building occupancy. 

All this information allows automatic correction of heating, cooling and ventilation set points in real time. The temperatures inside the building are maintained within a predetermined range. The energy saving is significant, reaching up to 40%.

Today, sustainable offices have systems for measuring air temperature, indoor air quality, traffic patterns and space occupancy… The key is to manage well the countless data generated continuously in order to make the most efficient decisions. 

Customizing the workspace

Adapting the workspace to each professional is an intelligent business initiative that has an impact on the wellbeing of the worker and usually leads to an improvement in their productivity. 

The use of a customized office air conditioner makes it sustainable, since it allows the worker to control the temperature in their space. Managing their own atmosphere also favors the reduction of energy consumption.

Generating a greener and more sustainable environment with this type of customization makes companies more attractive to many workers. Their commitment to them increases, leading to a very favorable retention of talent for companies. 

At Cloudworks, we work to make our offices sustainable. This is why we strive every day to ensure that our cloudworkers carry out their activities at ease in spaces that are as healthy as possible. 

We have a Preventive Measures Plan that guarantees their wellbeing at all times. We are constantly aware of the seating capacities, recycling points and air regeneration. Our spaces have plenty of natural light, allowing us to work in a comfortable and healthy way. 
In addition, we have large terraces where you can relax with spectacular views of the city. Get to know our centers and see for yourself their professionalism, comfort and sustainability!

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