Do you want to disconnect during your summer holidays? The Cloudworks team recommends the best destinations for you


Do you want to disconnect during your summer holidays? The Cloudworks team recommends the best destinations for you

June 15 / 2022

With summer fast approaching, many of us fantasize about those ideal holidays where we want to relax, discover new places or live a unique experience.

Some of you may have already made up your mind, others are still undecided; but this summer 5 members of the Cloudworks team present our favourite destinations to inspire you:

5 destinations we recommend for these holidays:

Thailand by Teresa Garcia de Zuñiga, Community and Space Lead

After an 18-hour flight from Madrid, 3 stopovers in 3 different countries, you arrive at the airport in the tropical climate of Bangkok, capital of the country once known as the kingdom of Siam and popularly known as the “Land of Smiles”. Smiles is undoubtedly what you will find from the first moment you set foot in the country.

Country of friendly people and great contrasts. It is a perfect destination to disconnect, enjoy its landscapes while soaking in and learning about a rich and ancient culture very different from the western one. It is a country where most people practice the Buddhist religion, so the streets abound in temples and altars. 

Thailand is impressive for its landscapes and tropical forests, as well as its beaches and paradisiacal islands. Islands such as Ko Tao and Phi Phi offer beaches with crystal clear waters and colourful fish or fairy-tale sunsets. And if you want to explore the rainforest and forests, the northern area (Chiang Mai). It offers its visitors a unique landscape and flora, along with charming villages and rural temples.

Just one piece of advice, take a light raincoat and a mosquito repellent, they will be your best allies throughout the trip. Although the weather is very warm, in a matter of minutes, a sunny sky can turn into a tropical storm. 

Not to mention the Thai food. Thais love herbs and seasonings and this will make any dish of simple ingredients delicious. The most typical dishes are pad thai and noodle soup (khuei thiaw). But the best thing to do, especially if you are curious, is to explore and try the food in any of the street food markets of which there are plenty everywhere.

What I would highlight the most about this beautiful country, without a doubt, is the memory of its people and the peaceful atmosphere, so different from the West. I don’t know if it’s the climate or the Buddhist religion that promotes inner peace, but in Thailand you learn that going slowly is the way that allows you to enjoy life more, and connect with yourself and the land you walk on.

Tofo, Mozambique by Laia Costa, Office Manager at Cloudworks Sagrada Família

After hours of traveling on a public bus surrounded by chickens, a baby on your lap and twice as many passengers as we are used to here in Europe, you arrive in a paradise full of colour, joy and a beautiful humility shared by its entire community.

Located southeast of Mozambique, Tofo has a spectacular underwater world: manta rays, whale sharks, schools of large and small fish of a thousand colours, lemon sharks and much more. It also offers good waves for surfing and sometimes the wind is enough to practice kitesurfing. In addition, you can enjoy beaches with fine white sand.

At night, you can relax thanks to the tranquillity that this place offers, with its starry sky. If you prefer, you can also party in three or four places where both locals and tourists gather. The good vibes are everywhere.

Mind you, keep a mosquito net handy and cover up when the sun rises and sets. Mosquitoes bite hard!

Prague by Marcel Aranda, Community Coordinator at Casa les Punxes x Cloudworks

Prague is, without a doubt, my favourite city in Europe. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and when you walk through its streets it transports you to a real fairy tale. It is a city known for its medieval atmosphere. In fact, its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In my case, I love to travel during the Christmas season. There is no better city in the world than Prague during the holidays! I recommend strolling through all its Christmas markets where you can find everything, from the well-known handmade wooden puppets, to impressive Bohemian Crystal objects. At this time of the year, all the streets smell of mulled wine and delicious sweets typical of the city.  I recommend the rdelník cakes with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, or with nuts. My favourite Christmas market is the one in the Old Town Square, where you can also find the Town Hall with its emblematic astronomical clock. 

Philippines by Alba Roca, Community Coordinator at Cloudworks Passeig de Gràcia

The Philippines offers more than 7000 astonishing islands. The friendliness of the people, the crystal-clear colour of the beaches, and the stunning sunsets melting into the horizon will be some of the many things you will bring back in your suitcase after visiting it. If you are looking for a destination to enjoy, discover and relax, this country has it all. 

Whenever people ask me, I always recommend 2 things in terms of travel logistics: First: try to buy the ticket with a stopover in Dubai or Doha (they split the flight in half, which makes it more enjoyable) Secondly, I recommend that if you only have 2 or 3 weeks, do not visit more than 2 or 3 islands so as not to spend half the trip in airports and ports waiting for the ferry or the plane (as they are the means of transport to go from one island to the other).  

Each island has something special. For example, you can lose yourself in the unexplainable natural colours and shapes of the El Nido, surf your best waves at Cloud9 in Siargao or let yourself be carried away by the wonders of the underwater world in Siquijor. If you prefer to unwind in the leafy silence of the jungle, you can do a multi-day track in Banaue to the amazing rice terraces. 

In short, no matter which island you choose, the Philippines will welcome you with open arms so you can enjoy its culture, its history and its earthly and aquatic beauties. 

Be sure to try the ube (lilac-coloured sweet potato type) and the mango (the best in the world in my opinion). 

My last tip is to provide you with a word that will never be missing in the vocabulary of Filipinos and that represents their constant gratitude to life: Salamat, which means thank you. 

IsAzores Islands by Guillermo Berasategui, Digital Specialist

LThe island of São Miguel, the capital of the Azores islands and where Ponta Delgada is located, is an ideal destination to disconnect and enjoy nature and good food.

There are hundreds of trekking routes on this island alone, where you can walk through forests and craters of extinct volcanoes. After a day of hiking, you can relax in the natural hot springs made possible by its volcanic geology. To explore the rest of the islands of the archipelago, it is necessary to take a regular ferry from the port of Ponta Delgada.

Being a region, whose production focuses on fishing and dairy cows, you will find a wide variety of cheeses and fish to savour, especially in the restaurants near the port.

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