Air quality: healthy buildings and their influence on productivity


Air quality: healthy buildings and their influence on productivity

February 28 / 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies healthy buildings as spaces that support people’s physical, psychological and social health and well-being. 

To achieve this goal, companies must strive, among other things, to achieve optimum air quality. The pandemic has undoubtedly acted as an effective catalyst for taking this mission seriously. The indoor atmosphere must not only be free of Covid-19 particles but also of any other type of contaminants. 

Otherwise, poor air quality leads to impaired cognitive functions and lack of concentration among workers. The face-to-face and hybrid work models established in the aftermath of the pandemic have fully or partially returned professionals to the office. It is essential that, during their time there, companies try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Because the health of the building has an impact on that of the workers, as well as on their productivity. When the air circulating indoors is renewed regularly, workers perform better and absenteeism is reduced. 

Monitoring air quality

If we want to achieve the healthiest possible indoor atmosphere, the first step is to measure air quality. There is now a technology capable of even monitoring the particles present in it.

The sensors in charge of controlling the air flow and the ambient temperature are managed by platforms that immediately report any problems encountered.  As monitoring becomes standardized, the price of such technology can be expected to drop considerably.  

The operation of office buildings can be optimized through periodic evaluation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This optimization can also help identify opportunities to improve air quality through filtration. This increases the health of the building and reduces energy consumption. 

Other measures to improve air quality in the office 

Ventilation grilles open and unlocked

It is essential for the air to circulate properly. Clearing them of furniture, boxes or other items will facilitate proper ventilation. Stagnant air can cause health problems.

Frequent replacement of air filters

Clogging them prevents the air flow. The passage of time causes dust and debris to accumulate behind the filters. When they settle inside air ducts, they are hazardous to the health of workers. It is advisable to replace them every three months, that is, with the change of season.

Maintaining a healthy humidity level

A humidity of 30-50% helps keep mold, dust mites and other allergens at bay. Dehumidifiers help control the humidity level in the office. 

Clean up spills

In order to maintain the health of the building, it is essential to clean thoroughly any liquid spills that occur. This is because moisture residues facilitate the appearance of mold and mildew. It is more costly to repair mold damage than to simply prevent it. As soon as a spill occurs, it is best to clean it up immediately. 

Include plants in the office

Their presence helps improve air quality. Plants, in addition to decorating, absorb toxins and generate more oxygen. As a result, workers can breathe more easily.

Prioritize fresh air whenever possible

Feeling the fresh air coming through a window is a very enjoyable sensation. When the weather permits, it is a pleasant and healthy option. Stale air is exhausted and renewed with new air. Workers appreciate it and it is an effective invisible incentive to improve their productivity. 

Keeping the office clean

Dusting, vacuuming regularly and avoiding clutter are some ways to keep the office clean. Healthy buildings do not allow garbage to accumulate in their different spaces.

Regular professional cleaning means that fewer pollutants can mix with the air. The air quality is therefore within adequate parameters and workers’ health is not affected. 

At Cloudworks we are also aware that our cloudworkers enjoy quality air. The air regeneration systems in place at our locations ensure that this is the case. They generate a pleasant and productive atmosphere that turns all our facilities into healthy buildings. In addition, when they are looking for fresh air, our cloudworkers have at their disposal large terraces with spectacular views where they can take a break or socialize with other professionals and share synergies. Entrepreneurs and freelancers can thus enjoy different environments at different times. And always in a healthy and professional environment.  Come and see for yourself!

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