Homemade creativity, without tricks or miracles


Homemade creativity, without tricks or miracles

April 07 / 2020

Creativity is an attitude, an opening of points of view. To dare to see with new eyes.

We are all living a new reality, which for better or for worse allows us to have a close experience with everyday objects that perhaps we did not have time to appreciate on a daily basis. Have you observed how the light that enters your house is? Creativity is an attitude, an opening of points of view. To dare to see with new eyes.

(Extra)ordinary creation to the work

For those of us who work in the field of creativity and self-management of our own projects, staying isolated from your work does not mean such an extreme change in routine. Loneliness is needed to create. This “overtime” time can be a reactive or paralyzing force. Being productive in uncertain times requires extra mental work to look inside and reassure the mind (a mind without peace is not as prone to creativity if its focus is anguish). So much of my time is now spent in staying calm. That in itself is already a creative exercise. Exercise, yoga, meditation, writing my thoughts every day, are part of my mind cleaning routine.

Dedication from a dynamic and personalized schedule

Creativity is not a gift of a few. It is a muscle that needs exercise. If we are waiting for the perfect conditions to create, we will never have them.

I think that all of us, regardless of our profession, have a pending project. Creativity is a small part of this. Most important is the time you spend on an idea. Spend time on an idea. This is how we can really see it come true. Whether it’s starting to make a mood board, writing the mission and vision of that idea or company you want to launch or renew. Spending time is the most important and perhaps the most difficult part of creativity.

Personal style is the key to reinvent yourself

Because it is necessary to do many things before starting to do things for yourself. This applies to finding your own voice by a way of doing, because the ‘style’ distinguishes it when you have done many things and you see, putting project together with project, that everything but much of what is created has a common thread that has been developed to as you polish your tool. For example, I spent a whole summer in my teens readjusting my writing because I didn’t like my handwriting. In a couple of months I already had another way of writing, which has helped me in my career with the treatment of typography.

Make expression and experimentation your best answer

If you don’t have a project you want to spend time on or you can’t think of a skill you want to polish or develop, chance and play are good ways to clear your mind and exercise the muscle of creativity.

Try to express through metaphors what you don’t know how to put into words. You can do this by creating a still life with elements from your house and photographing it with your phone on a flat background or creating the composition you prefer, and inventing a title that explains your image.
Another way to express saying something with a different tool, is through drawing. Drawing is making a record with a material that smears on some surface – so we all know how to do it. Fiction allows us to shape the internal or abstract. Making something into fiction makes this opening inside easier.

If drawing is definitely not your thing, you can do a similar anti-writing exercise with an old book or magazine. With a black marker, choose a word to start and cross out the ones that don’t work. You can follow as long as you want and at the end when you read the text in a row with what you have not crossed out, incredible things come out of this. Good ideas arise when you work on them, one day at a time.

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