Workation: what is it and how to get the most out of it?


Workation: what is it and how to get the most out of it?

July 14 / 2022

Summer has arrived. Long-awaited time when body and mind cry out for their well-deserved rest after a long year of hard work. Beach, mountain, trips abroad… A few weeks disconnected from everything that has to do with the office…

It certainly sounds good; however, an interesting concept has positioned itself strongly in the post-pandemic world and seems to have a deep impact on the spirit of many professionals: Workation.  

The term is the result of the amalgamation of the words work and vacation. A priori it can be interpreted as a vacation in which we have to carry out part of the office work. However, the idea goes much further. It is enjoying vacation life not only in summer, but throughout the working day throughout the year. 

The new work models that have emerged as a result of the pandemic are driving this different way of working. Professionals enjoy periods of relaxation that enhance their well-being without failing to meet their objectives or reduce their productivity.

Coworking spaces and hotels

100% remote work and, above all, the hybrid work model, continue to gain ground in the world of work. Coworking spaces have become a kind of oasis free from the stress and discomfort of traditional offices.  

Flexible plans tailored to each client, like those of Cloudworks, allow professionals to carry out their work at their leisure, but with the same efficiency that is always expected of them.  

When summer arrives, in addition to using coworking spaces, many workers also choose to carry out their activity from hotels. Ideal places for workation. There is time to work, to relax, to enjoy time with the family…

It’s essential for the hotel management to know the new habits of this type of guests, so that they can provide them with a comfortable stay. For example, the arrangement of a part of professional and ergonomic furniture that guarantees a proper posture while working. 

3 common types of workation

Change of offices during the summer

In order to encourage their workers, some companies move their offices to beach locations. In this way, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and you work, without a doubt, much better. 

Workation camps

It is another type of event organized by companies in which they send their workers to destinations inside or outside the country. The purpose of this multi-day meeting is to improve team building. 

The work teams strengthen ties between their members, thus promoting coordinated and effective action in current or future projects. Even when the company pays the worker to stay and per diem in another city or country to go to a seminar or conference, it can be considered workation. 

Digital nomads

It is an option each time more popular among professionals. Work remotely, for example, from a holiday destination for a long period of time. The professional enjoys and achieves a cultural immersion in the chosen environment while providing their services teleworking. 

In one of our March articles, we already explained the advantages of the visa for digital nomads within the Start-ups Law Project in Spain. Do not hesitate to take a look if are interested in coming to work here.

Tips to get the most out of workation

Work planning

Although leisure and rest occupy an important part of the day, the first and fundamental thing is to plan well the periods of time dedicated to work. Proper planning will allow us to allocate the hours of the day to the activities we want, always respecting working time. 

Self-discipline in workation is essential. Thanks to the creation of a work routine you will achieve your goals and you will also enjoy the moments of rest and disconnection that you need. 

Make sure that the chosen destination meets the requirements sought 

Advice undoubtedly linked to the planning of the previous section. The chosen destination has to offer the necessary services to easily carry out our work. Such as a stable and fast internet connection, comfortable and appropriate furniture, a space isolated from annoying interruptions or outside distractions… 

It is essential to establish a work space that is different from those intended for rest and leisure. This makes it easier to maintain an effective work routine.

Set specific hours of availability

If we want our workation to work as expected, before starting it, we must indicate to our colleagues or clients what hours we are available.

This schedule has to be immovable, with few exceptions, to avoid receiving emails or calls during the lunch break, while we are on the beach or taking a walk.

At Cloudworks we receive professionals throughout the year who wish to take advantage of some of the various plans adapted to their needs that we have for them. 

During the summer period there is a constant trickle of freelancers and digital nomads who decide to spend a few weeks in Madrid or Barcelona. They work and enjoy both cities in a summer that is usually unforgettable for them. 

The views of the city from the terraces of our spaces at Casa Les Punxes or Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona and those of Cibeles or Salamanca in Madrid leave no one indifferent.Are you interested in practicing the concept of workation in Madrid or Barcelona? Contact us! For sure you will find what you are looking for. 

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