Work tools for your Startup


Work tools for your Startup

December 05 / 2019

We have decided to shortlist, thanks to our experience within the field, the most useful tools to help our clients or any startup making the first steps in the digital world.

From Cloudworks we want to display/showcase, in a reduced and handpicked way, some of the tools and resources that make the everyday tasks within a startup easier. We are proud to say that most of our clients are startups who we see expanding both in Barcelona and Madrid. For this precise reason we have decided to shortlist, thanks to our experience within the field, the most useful tools to help our clients or any startup making the first steps in the digital world:

1. Google My Business, the essential tool for a local business

Google is considered one of the largest online search engines on the planet and we are sure you use it constantly to carry out your work. When it comes to showing your company to the world, digitally speaking, Google My Business takes centrestage. Surely you will have noticed that if you are looking for the name of a company, a box on the right usually appears with basic and relevant information about it, such as, its telephone number, opening hours, images, etc. All this is part of Google My Business, which is completely free.

It is very important to consider this tool when it comes to achieving positioning and visibility in the digital platform. At the same time, when you have a startup or company facing the public, the connection with other users becomes very important. Google My Business offers the possibility to share opinions among the users who consume your services and thus be able to create a direct engagement with potential clients.

2. For design, nothing better than Canva

“A picture speaks more than a thousand words,” and this tool clearly knows this. Thanks to Canva you can gradually polish the image of your company towards a more professional level without having to make a separate budget if your resources are limited. In current times, branding is fundamental and this page helps you reinforce it. In few minutes you can create your own flyers or email headers in just a couple of clicks. Canvas gives you speed and design, offering free templates that you can modify according to your tastes, so  everything is according to your brand. If this is not enough, it also has a library full of copyrighted images that you can use to carry out your designs.

3. Sign with Signaturit

Signaturit has more than 10,000 customers spread across 40 countries. It offers, in short, a unique service of signatures and certifications of your documents and digital communications. You can also improve the productivity and security of your startup in the hiring processes. This tool speeds up the steps to guarantee the legal security of all your digital transactions. An additional service to consider in your day to day.

4. Mailerlite, email marketing in your hands

Mailerlite is the tool that allows us to create newsletters in order to carry out email marketing, and thus link our clients directly with our website. It not only allows you to carry out campaigns, but also to analyze its results depending on the objectives you have set. Like Canvas, it allows you to create newsletters, with a quality of design at a professional level without needing to have previous knowledge, only a minimal sense of aesthetics and a little bit of mastery with the mouse.

At the same time it allows you to see email opening statistics as well as the percentage of clicks on the different links that you have indexed, which can be quite useful when deciding what to change for future actions.

5. Infinite photos in Pixabay/Pexels

Pixabay or Pexels are two completely different pages that provide the same service for your startup: images. These are the pages where you can download images with a Creative Commons license, which means without copyright. This is very useful when you need quality stock images for your website or social networks. Do not worry if you use their content for commercial purposes, since the authors have completely assigned their rights. Thanks to this tool you can download amazing images, even with different sizes, to complement your Canvas or Mailchimp templates.

6. Store thanks to Dropbox

Dropbox is a classic when it comes to file storage in the cloud. When you are a startup with many devices and members within the same team, expediting work when exchanging heavy content, such as photographs or documents, is paramount. This tool allows you to organize and store your documents and always have them available from any device. Although there is a free version, you have payment options for companies from 10€/month, in case you need more storage space or more users associated with the same account.

7. Use WordPress daily

If you do not have a website, or you have it but it has become obsolete and you are looking to remodel it, WordPress is the most recommended option. Depending on your skills and level of complexity you are looking for, you may need to hire a professional. However, if you only want to create a blog or a simple page to have an Internet presence, you can venture into creating your own website. Of course, this takes some time!

There are simpler and more basic content management systems than WordPress, but the reason we recommend you to opt for this platform is because if in the future you want to add more features to your website you will find many more customization and configuration options.

8. Organize yourself mentally and digitally in Evernote

If the theme of the organization is causing the management and operation of your company to slow down, Evernote could help you improve. You can use it in desktop version or as a mobile application. Its objective is that you have a unique place to organize, add notes and store information (of all kinds: images, documents, text, etc.) relevant to you.

There is a paid version aimed at companies that includes functionalities oriented to the organization of teams and collaborative work in the same document. The price of this version starts at € 12 per user per month.

9. Share constantly with Wetransfer

We must also mention Wetransfer. Although we do not consider it so important, when it comes to speed it is very useful. Mainly it allows you to transfer files, and it is not the only tool that does this, but it is one of the easiest to use. You only have to enter your email, the recipient’s file and an optional message. We upload the file to share and that’s it. The recipient will receive an email with the link to download the file.

To conclude, you have to keep in mind that you can send up to 2GB per shipment, if you want to expand that, there is a charge.

All in all, these tools facilitate your growth journey within your startup. From Cloudworks we are aware that there are many more, but we hope this blog has been helpful. And finally, if you didn’t know any of these tools, you can end up implementing it in your work routine!

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