What is the serviced office and why is it the best option for your company


What is the serviced office and why is it the best option for your company

September 16 / 2020

Traditional offices are disappearing and a new office concept is coming up. Find out what serviced office are and why they are businesses’ future.

Traditional office rentals are on the verge of extinction. With a huge number of startups launched each year and established businesses expanding at a breakneck pace, many are opting for a more flexible option: serviced offices. But what is it about this type of working environment that makes it the best option for the current moment?

Serviced offices are proving to be popular for three fundamental reasons: facilities, flexibility, and freedom. Fast-paced and unpredictable growth, which in some cases means that a company requires three desks one minute and an entire floor the next, has driven the proliferation of these kinds of spaces across Spain.

Traditional office rentals do not offer the same features, such as pricing transparency, commitment-free leasing, and instant access to facilities and services, that a serviced office does. These benefits .enable your team to get to work as soon as you move into the building.

Uncover further details about serviced offices and .find out how they can help your company.

What is serviced office?

Budget, number of personnel, plans for future expansions, and current market position — these are just a few of the factors that determine what type of office space a company should opt for. The ideal scenario, for most businesses, is to find a space that satisfies their unique needs in the location in which they already run their operations. At the moment, the three main available options are conventional offices, coworking spaces, and serviced offices.

Of the three, serviced offices are the most flexible. Typically, these spaces can be rented for short periods with low deposits and leases that cover several important business services.

The essential characteristics that explain why serviced offices have become so popular are flexibility and affordability. Serviced offices can adapt to the needs of the teams that make up each business — they can be used as a place of work for 100 or more employees with leasing periods that range from one month to three years, usually with a continuously renewing rental agreement.

Another core quality that distinguishes serviced offices from other corporate spaces is that they can be rented based on the number of workstations required. In other words, they can be leased according to the size of your team instead of the conventional system of pricing per square meter. Each workstation consists of a desk and the space that surrounds it (usually around 75 meters). However, the exact area per desk varies between offices.

What is include with serviced offices?

You can think of a serviced office as a fully-equipped and ready-to-go workspace solution. Serviced office operators take responsibility for day-to-day property management including building and office space maintenance.

The fee for serviced offices covers all the key services you require to do business. For example, kitchens, meeting rooms, boardrooms, reception areas, and staff. Some serviced offices also offer IT, communications, cleaning, and mail services. These extras may be charged separately or included in the base rental price.

Normally, different tiers of service and facility management are offered to satisfy the needs of different companies. At a minimum, the price of a serviced office will include rental of space and utility expenses, such as heating and lighting. It is also usual for telephone and internet services to be included.

Furniture should also be incorporated into the price of a serviced office. Desks, chairs, and filing cabinets are commonly included, though computers are often not. Of course, this also changes according to the specific office space.

Which other facilities and services are covered by the basic fee also depends on the serviced office management company. Some serviced office providers do include extras such as food, beverage, and stationery supplies. Billing practices and precise costs will once again come down to the individual operator.

Who are serviced offices suitable for?

Perhaps the most significant quality of a serviced office rental system is flexibility. Owners of managed serviced offices offer short term contracts that range in length from a single week to over a year. The adaptability of serviced offices makes them an excellent workplace solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups.

Best of all, serviced offices can provide a business space that responds quickly to increases or decreases in staff numbers. Also, serviced offices are ideal for established organizations that have begun operating in a new city or for professional firms who thrive on local collaborations with other companies in the same sector.


Offices with included services are beneficial for companies because they offer the following advantages:

  • Rental flexibility: serviced offices are known for their short term rental contracts. Typically, signing up for a serviced office normally doesn’t involve any additional legal charges. What’s more, a lease may be terminated with minimal notice.
  • Low overheads: Renting a serviced office makes it easy to prepare your budget. This is because acquiring a serviced office requires an all-inclusive monthly fee, a nominal deposit, and zero furnishing bills or costs related to building deterioration. IT and telecommunications are the only office-related costs that usually need to be paid separately.
  • Facilitates growth and cutbacks: Businesses that use serviced offices can expand easily without having to change their business address and can equally easily reduce the area of rented space, thus avoiding costs incurred by unused rooms.
  • Minimizes risk: Renting a serviced office is less risky than leasing a conventional office space. That’s because operational hazards, such as those related to telecommunications systems, office equipment, and day-to-day administration, are managed by the provider.
  • Prestige and confidence: Your company will gain a well-known and recognizable business address. This will convey prestige and give your clients greater confidence in your services.

Examples of serviced offices — the spaces operated by Cloudworks

The serviced office spaces managed by Cloudworks come with everything that a company could need to launch a successful business operation. Our customers gain 24/7 access to their offices, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, common areas, and basic supplies to make their experience a comfortable one.

Reserve your space with us and access a sustainable and fully-equipped work environment that will enhance you and your team’s productivity. No matter the size of your company, a Cloudworks’s serviced office will enable you to prioritize your colleagues’ working conditions and help them achieve their goals.

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