All about the virtual office, the future of companies


All about the virtual office, the future of companies

August 14 / 2020

Virtual offices have become one of the most efficient work models today. We show  you the differences compared to a traditional office. 

Whereas a few decades ago the idea of a virtual office was more of a concept than  a reality, today’s workforce has evolved to embrace virtual offices. And it doesn’t  stop there. Looking to the not-too-distant future, more companies are going to  jump on the virtual bandwagon, in order to get rid of the constraints of full-time  face-to-face work. 

With trends in favor of more virtual offices and remote collaboration, what does this  mean for the future of the workplace? It means change, but for the better. As  technology has allowed workplaces to evolve faster and more people want  flexibility in their working hours and locations, virtual staff offices will become more  the rule than the exception. 

Of the most important changes to be seen in the workplace of the future, the top  three revolve around the physical workspace, communication methods, and how  we use technology to accomplish goals. 

Find out more about the first one below. At Cloudworks we show you everything  you need about this new concept of virtual offices. 

What is a virtual office? 

A virtual office is a service that allows employees and business owners to work remotely, without sacrificing efficiency. It does this by providing a variety of  business functions accessible over the Internet. A virtual personnel office or virtual  company refers to a company that may not have a fixed location, but that functions  as a unit to provide products and services to customers. 

It relies heavily on the Internet. The network is used for document sharing, video  conferencing for meetings and cell phones so that employees can stay in touch.  Office employees can work at home or in different cities and countries, that is, it  involves working remotely.

Essentially, a virtual office is a service that provides a business owner with  everything they need to demonstrate greater credibility and professionalism.  Such as an address and telephone number, communication and administration  services, and access to meeting rooms; all without the need for physical office  space. 

Who is it suitable for 

The virtual office concept has become a popular workspace solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home, but want a more  professional business address for their company. It gives business owners all the benefits of a physical office without the cost of renting actual space. A virtual business address can help add credibility to a  business, making it easier to more successfully attract customers.

Advantages of virtual offices 

If you dream of enjoying a stress-free business environment that gives you the  freedom to work at flexible hours and locations, virtual offices are what you  should consider. Below we highlight the advantages of these spaces. 

— First of all, it saves money spent on physical office space. The monthly cost of a  virtual office is much lower than that of a traditional physical office. After all, you  don’t have any of the maintenance and personnel costs. The virtual office allows you  to save on overhead costs, as there is no need to rent physical space, buy  equipment and furniture or hire a receptionist. 

— With a virtual personnel office, business owners get an address within a reputable area code that is equivalent to a physical office, thus ensuring customers that the  business is legitimate. A virtual office can also be secured through a monthly lease,  so there is greater flexibility in case of changes. 

— These virtual spaces provide a postal address, answering machine and  videoconferencing services. Therefore, even a small business can seem bigger than it is. This is why it is so useful for start-ups and SMEs. It requires less  administration than physical offices.

— Working from home using a virtual office address saves time and money that  would otherwise be spent on commute. It helps employees save energy that is wasted on commutes. This allows them to focus on work and be more productive. 

— Teams that work virtually have the benefit of flexible schedules. Therefore,  employees get more free time. This helps maintain a better work-life balance,  having a positive impact on employee performance. 

How to set up a virtual office? 

Before explaining how to set up a virtual office, we must highlight the differences that exist between tax and registered office. The first is the domicile that is linked  to the tax obligations that every company has, and the second is the place where all  management and administration activities are carried out. 

Both domiciles are usually linked to the home address of the self-employed person  or the business owner. On the other hand, the business address is the one that  provides an address for consumers to be able to directly attend to the needs of the customer. Depending on the needs of the business or the self-employed  person, virtual offices can provide these domiciles. 

Now, to make sure you set up an efficient virtual office, you need the following: 

— Decide between a virtual office or a business address to find the provider that  best meets the needs of your business. 

— Have a postal management service that is efficient and organized to facilitate  all processes that have to do with customer service or orders through that channel. 

— Have a professional receptionist who is familiar with all aspects of your business,  product or service so that they can serve customers efficiently. 

To be able to trust the provider you chose, and ensure that they are able to  meet the needs of your company in a personalized way. 

— Have first-class equipment and technology at your disposal so that you always  have access to your documents and data in the cloud, all in a secure way. 

The overhead costs of setting up a traditional office can be exorbitant, and  managing these physical spaces can be a real challenge. For that and other reasons  virtual offices are here to stay.

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur who works from home, and you want to have  a more professional business address for your company, do not hesitate to contact  us. At Cloudworks we offer you our offices in addition to new trends to improve the  business and labour activity of companies and freelancers.

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