The Unexpected Perks of Community Co-working


The Unexpected Perks of Community Co-working

June 25 / 2020

Hay experiencias que se convierten en una historia por contar, y hay proyectos que pasan a ser una aventura de There are experiences that become a story to tell, and there are projects that become a business adventure. Today Alex Nodes is our protagonist with her brand Alex Carro. Learn about our Cloudworker and her story at Cloudworks.

Our beginning at Cloudworks

When my team and I moved into Cloudworks Sagrada Família in 2016, we were starting out on a new business adventure. We were looking for a bright and airy space to work in, with a happy positive vibe that approached office working from a contemporary perspective, that understood how we lived was also how we wanted to go about our work.  

I had clear-cut intentions about what I wanted to achieve with Alex Carro in this new work space, but what I didn’t bargain for were all the extra benefits that came with coworking life. Perhaps it’s being in the right place at the right time, but I have always said that you make your own luck, and get back what you put in, and my experience at Cloudworks was so much richer and more rewarding than I could have imagined. 

Beyond the workspace

Where you work is, of course, about work. But it’s also where a lot of other life stuff happens outside of your immediate team; friendships develop and blossom, successes and frustrations are shared, deals and developments are supported and commiserated.

Enjoy in Community

Looking back over all the nights out on the terrace at Cloud – and recovery coffees in the same spot the morning after – all those friendly faces ready to give advice or listen to suggestions, rooting for you when things really count, sharing their tooth-numbing holiday treats and even offering a shoulder to cry on or a hug, I’m reminded of all the times I saw things from a fresh perspective and enjoyed real life, love, jokes and yes, cava Fridays, not to mention the unmissable afternoon tea at 4pm.

A change in the same family

After four years of all of the above and more, I decided it was time to shake things up a bit and I moved the team to Cloudworks Passeig de Grácia. It was emotional saying goodbye to many of the coworkers and also to the space – that terrace overlooking Sagrada Família had become my home from home! But the fresh glamour of Passeig de Grácia, with its vibrant yet calming interior and 9th floor views of rooftop Barcelona make it a spectacular, privileged setting that feels full of promise. 

Better together

As I wrote this at home in week 7 of lockdown in Barcelona, one thing is clearer to me than ever before: we are social animals and contact is one of the basic but most important aspects of being human. Community exists in many different forms, but we all need it to thrive and flourish. I didn’t have long at Passeig de Grácia before quarantine started, but I am eager and excited to return. Working isn’t the same without the peripheral buzz of other hard-working individuals with their own ideas, dreams and stories to tell. 

We’re back

We’ve been back at Cloudworks for a number of weeks now, its provides us with the right environment to motivate us and to focus on our business, but also to take a break with team members, there’s new joy and meaning to be had sitting on the 9th floor terrace having a coffee together. Back to the office has never felt as rewarding or like such a privilege as it does now.

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