The evolution of our services in the new reality


The evolution of our services in the new reality

May 11 / 2020

La nuThe new reality is present, and we assume it with caution and the best attitude. We faithfully believe that together we will move forward, reaffirming that we are Better Together.

The newly titled “new reality” has meant an important evolution in many sectors. The digitization of processes and services, the approach to customers, and new ways of managing companies represent challenges, but also opportunities. Without a doubt, our sector, company and members do not escape this. The real estate industry has been able to get even closer to innovation in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

For her part, Rebeca Pérez, CEO of Invertis, explains that the situation has made thinking outside the box possible. Likewise, Ignasi Giralt, General Manager of Badi, affirms that companies have allocated and used this time to do user research, recognizing the importance of knowing what customers value, what they are concerned about and the possibility of anticipating their needs.

In this sense, at Cloudworks we have been aware of the impact that this crisis has had on our member companies and we have adapted to their needs. We direct our efforts to understand what your current workspace requirements, concerns and priorities are to respond to this new environment. Always keeping in mind that our objective is to guarantee the health and safety of each of our members.

Beyond flexibility

From day one of the state of alarm, we strive to minimize the difficulties our customers are experiencing. We understand the economic challenges and decrease processes that companies face in the current framework. That is why we enhance the flexibility we have always offered in contracting and offering special discounts. Our intention is that we resume our activities with the least possible impact.

Furthermore, we extend this ideal of flexibility to our new clients through exclusive offers and promotions. In addition, we adapt our workspaces to ensure the minimum safety distance and implement a strict protocol of preventive measures.


It is important to recognize that remote work is not just a passing trend, and it is here to stay, and goes hand in hand with the adaptation and evolution of services.

As part of our news, we created the Online Community Project. Our purpose is to connect with our Community beyond the physical space, strengthening our bond in the distance. Together with this initiative we created CloudTalent, a new comprehensive free webinar program focused on professional innovation. Through it, anyone has access to a content library to keep up with the latest trends from home or office. In our agenda you can find out about our program and sign up for the one that most appeals to you.

Furthermore, in these times the integration between startups and large corporations has allowed to close digitization processes and establish win-win relationships based on trust. From Cloudworks, we reaffirm it by continuing with the process of new openings. While we recognize the benefits of teleworking and the importance of fostering interpersonal connections and a sense of community to combat loneliness, we believe that the flexible office industry is an essential part of the future of work and we continue to bet on the sector.

Our Community continues

Chris Beer, Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex and author of The rise of the Online Community report, says members of online communities want brands to get involved, they want to have a personal relationship with them. Adopt a more humanistic and unconventional personality and defend the exchange of ideas in a community setting.

Our doors are still open for each of our members. We adapt to this new reality and continue to evolve with each challenge. Our main objective is to continue reaching goals together with our clients.

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