The Brits guide to Barcelona


The Brits guide to Barcelona

May 28 / 2019

An important part of the Cloudworks community are British Cloudworkers. We love celebrating diversity and even adopting other cultures. That is why we have made a basic guide for Brits living in Barcelona.

Whether it’s a strange craving for a Marmite sandwich and a pint of Guinness or even a dental appointment in your native tongue (no pun intended), We have compiled a list of all the places in Barcelona you can get a taste of home. You’re welcome. British supermarket – It might not be the same as your local Tesco or Asda but in A Taste of Home you will definitely find your favorite brand of tea and ready salted crisps in this little gem in Sant Antoni. They also have a great small selection of second-hand books!

Second-hand bookshop – The owners may be fluent and Catalan and Spanish but you won’t find a single Spanish or Catalan book in Hibernian Books! A great and large selection on English books both second hand a new!
British cuisine and bars – A list of our favorite British bars and restaurants, nothing brings in the nostalgia like a fish and chips with mushy peas on the side. English-Language cinemas – Cinemas showing films in their original language, no voice-overs here people! Cines Verdi and CinemesTexas

English language yoga classes – Doing a yoga class in Spanish or Catalan can sometimes feel like two lessons in one! But for those days you don’t feel like looking around the room to see if you’re doing it right, head to Yogalinda or Yoga & Yoga Barcelona

British Dental Care – Yes people, this is a thing: The British Dental Clinic

A great platform for meeting new like-minded people is ​Meetup. Here you can find anything from English speaking book clubs to British expat social events. Who knows, you might even want to start your own meet-up event!

We hope this list has made you feel more at home and that you try one of these options! Please keep us updated if you find more things for British expats to do in Barcelona!