Sitting for a long time: tips to avoid health problems


Sitting for a long time: tips to avoid health problems

February 07 / 2023

During an ordinary working day, it is common for us to get up from our seat from time to time. Both to pick up or carry something, talk to a boss or colleague, or simply to go to the toilet. Something similar happens if we work remotely.

However, many workers spend between six and eight hours without budging an inch. Such an attitude can be a hazard to health. Prolonged sitting increases the possibility of suffering diseases related to the colon, lungs and endometrium. 

Even those professionals who exercise regularly are also affected. The excess of hours sitting, without getting up at any time, cancels the benefits achieved with the exercise performed during leisure time. Something that confirms the research carried out on the subject.

Health-related problems

Among the most relevant effects on our health by sitting for a long time we find: 

  • Loss in lipoprotein lipase production: This enzyme removes fat from the blood and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.
  • High levels of cholesterol in the blood, triglycerides and atherosclerosis: consequence of the reduction in the production of lipoprotein lipase. This increases the chances of getting sick or suffering a heart attack.
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced sensitivity to insulin: a fact that leads to an increased chance of developing diabetes. 

By doubling the exercises in the gym to try to alleviate the sedentary work we do not improve the situation. Keep in mind that health is based on balance, not excess or deficit.

Ergonomics, the great ally 

The sedentary lifestyle of the professional usually causes a reduction in labor productivity. Ergonomics deals with the design of workspaces adapted to the physical and mental abilities and limitations of the worker. Its goal is to find the ideal position for those who have to sit for a long time. 

Among the most used ergonomic furniture items in offices we can find the following: 

  • Desk chairs: Ideal to prevent pain caused by poor posture. 
  • Lumbar cushions: they adapt to the contours of the waist, offering great support for the lower back. They reduce fatigue.
  • Adjustable footrest: improves posture, relaxes legs and back, as well as prevents fatigue.
  • Wrist rest pads for mouse and keyboards: they make work more comfortable, adapt to the shape of the wrist, helping to reduce its pressure. They prevent carpal tunnel injuries.
  • Adjustable laptop stand: neck and back pain is common after working long hours in front of a low-lying screen. The support allows elevation (between 5 -15 cm) to place it in front of the eyes. 

Healthy tips if your job is to sit for a long time

Break cycles 

Staying day after day without hardly getting up from the seat can generate profound damage to our health. Breaking these sedentary cycles is always beneficial for us. 

Getting up every hour for a few minutes and performing simple body movements compensates for the negative consequences of sitting for so long. A couple of calisthenic exercises, a short walk or several push-ups are not bad either. 

Work standing up for a few hours

It is a way to stretch the legs and move them a little while working. A high table where you can place the computer to work for a while or make video calls is not a bad option. 

Logically, it is not the solution to sedentary lifestyle. It is only a small action to deal with it. Standing all day is also related to back pain, varicose veins or poor circulation of the legs. 

Avoid the elevator

If we work in an office with several floors and our physical condition allows it, it is highly recommended to take the stairs instead of resorting to the elevator. It will help us reduce cholesterol, accumulated fat and waist circumference. 

Put your feet up

For them we will use a footrest that allows us to improve posture and also prevent back pain. Therefore, here comes into play one of the ergonomics articles we talked about earlier. 

Stretch before you start and also at the end of the day

Pre-stretches prepare the body to cope with the first hours of work. The end of the day helps relieve the tensions accumulated throughout the day and prevent injuries and muscle pain. 

It is also effective that we interlace the fingers and then raise the arms above the head. You have to stay like this for at least fifteen seconds. Thanks to this we will be able to release the tension accumulated in the shoulders. 

Walk as much as possible

Whenever we have the opportunity, we must take advantage and practice physical exercise. Both to go to work if the distance allows it, or to the restaurant where we eat with colleagues or make any trip that doesn’t require taking the car.

In Cloudworks we have spaces in our different locations where you can take a break and stretch your legs after intense periods of work. 

We have large terraces with spectacular views that allow you to relax your muscles while the coworkers have a relaxing coffee. They can also climb from one floor to another by stairs that help break sedentary work cycles.You just have to visit us and see for yourself! See you there!

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