Communication Tools in remote work: Simplicity and  Efficiency


Communication Tools in remote work: Simplicity and  Efficiency

March 16 / 2022

Coworking spaces make up innovative work ecosystems where  collaboration between professionals is encouraged, thus promoting  the generation of new relational models. 

At Cloudworks, we see it every day. In the different locations that we  have in Madrid and Barcelona, the members of our community live  together in a dynamic environment. Networking, sharing of advice and  experiences or development of joint projects constantly arise  spontaneously. 

This creativity, flow of ideas and interaction between professionals  constitute the foundations of a productive social network. However, it  is essential to complement it with communication tools for  remote work to strengthen the links established. 

These links will be fruitful thanks to the permanent contact between  the community managers and the members of the coworking space. 

Importance of tools for remote communication 

The implementation of remote work in the lives of many workers also  requires them to have the appropriate means for fluid communication  with their companies. New working methods mean new solutions. 

On the other hand, the absence of a relationship between the  members of a community of coworkers prevent its revitalization.  Opportunity then turns into weakness. For this reason, applications for video calls or platforms for the integrated management of coworking  spaces manage to keep the collaborative spirit alive. 

At Cloudworks we tell you which are the internal communication tools  that we currently find most interesting. Surely you have already been  using them for some time. 

The most interesting communication tools for remote work Slack 

Without a doubt, one of the best tools for teamwork. It was born with  the mission of replacing email within companies. With Slack, email  cluttered inboxes are a thing of the past. 

Its function is to organize conversations through channels. In this way,  structured spaces are created for everything related to a team, topic or  project. It makes it easy to find files and keep track of conversations. 

Group members thus achieve a shared vision of progress. They can  also report problems, learn about events or receive email notifications.  As an internal communication tool, it serves both to connect its  members with each other and to get in touch with the community  managers. 

Google Meet 

It is one of the two applications for video calls and calls (the other is  Google Chat) that replace Hangouts. It allows the participation of  several groups simultaneously. It is mainly aimed at the communication  of work teams. It is considered one of the top five platforms for  videoconferencing. 

A free account admits up to one hundred users, although it is possible to reach up to two hundred and fifty participants. This makes it one of  the most complete video call applications on the market. 

The option to send messages during the video call is active in all  versions. It is also possible to record meetings on mobile devices using  G Suite Enterprise subscriptions. Without a doubt, very useful for  recording a meeting or virtual class. To join a meeting, it is possible to  connect only by means of a link to share. It also supports joining via a  phone number. 


It is an internal communication app with a multilingual interface that  can be installed on iOs and Android systems. It can be used both in a  web browser and in your app. Its software system makes it easy for  teams to manage tasks. 

Allows you to mark completed activities and organize pending tasks. In  group projects you can leave comments and share files, lists and  events. Based on the Kanban method (To Do, Doing, Done), this tool  makes it possible to list the tasks that make up the project and place  them in three columns according to their status: 

· 1st To do 

· 2nd Doing 

· 3rd Done 

Trello helps optimize team work routines. Projects are carried out more  effectively by generating priorities, deadlines, notices and other steps  necessary to achieve a successful collaborative project. 


Online task manager and administrator for the collaborative use of work teams. Its main feature is the simplification of working methods.  The application has a dashboard that shows the projects, with actions,  calendars, etc. 

Each project can be accessed and the active processes analyzed, such  as time management, messaging or task assignment. Allows file  sharing among workgroup members. It can also be used to generate  reports and set deadlines. 

Using this tool is simple and intuitive, thus achieving smooth  communication among users. It is advisable to create milestones to  order each project, the thematic storage of data and use threads to  organize messages. 


Is one of the most used platforms in the integrated management of coworking spaces. A must-have tool for community coordinators and  coworkers alike. It is also available on Google Play and Apple Store,  allowing for quick and intuitive mobile use. 

This effective tool can be used wherever and whenever it is needed.  Thanks to it, for example, it is possible to book meeting rooms and  venues. 

It has a directory in which all members of the coworking community  are listed. Knowing their projects, specialties or sending private  messages to other coworkers is possible. 

Shared knowledge favours the dynamization and personal and  professional enrichment of the members of the community.  Workshops that will be given or attended by other coworkers are  publicly communicated through the app. 

The community coordinators are also in charge of updating coworkers  on the different discounts, promotions and any other information of  interest to the community. 

At Cloudworks our community coordinators work with motivation and  perseverance to boost and strengthen the relationships among its  members. In addition, they listen to proposals, research their feasibility  and act. 

Thanks to their efforts, our coworking community remains permanently  active. Not a day goes by that a new event is scheduled, a common  project is born or a friendship arises while savouring a freshly ground  coffee.

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