Our #mustvisit in Barcelona


Our #mustvisit in Barcelona

November 15 / 2019

We show you the places you can’t miss, wether if you are a resident or passing through Barcelona.

Cloudworks has been residing in Barcelona since its birth in 2015 and little by little it has been growing towards the most emblematic corners of Barcelona. After our last opening in Passeig de Gràcia, we believe that we have enough experience and knowledge to create a #mustvisit of the places you cannot miss, whether you’re a resident or if you’re passing through Barcelona. 

We always encourage our coworkers to explore the neighborhoods where their Cloudworks coworking space is established. It’s an incredible way to gradually discover the secrets of the city, and get acquainted with. It should be noted that most of our #cloudworkers are foreigners, specifically 70%. The majority of times the first contact they have with Barcelona is us. With that said, as we do with our members, we want to share this list so you don’t miss any of the secrets inmersed in our beloved city:


We dare to say that this monumental Expiatory Temple is the most characteristic icon of Barcelona. Its famous architect, Antoni Gaudí, began to build it on March 19th in 1882, and today his work hasn’t yet been completed. After his death, in 1926, it wasn’t possible to interpret his plans because he often ordered modifications in situ actively. From Cloudworks Sagrada Família and Cloudworks Sant Joan, we are fortunate to be able to appreciate this monument with extraordinary views, even sitting from our work tables.

If you want to buy tickets, click here and it will send you to their website.


It may sound strange that just a single street can be full of magic and life 24 hours a day, and this is: Passeig de Gràcia. The transformation that has been happening over the years is absolutely unique. It has always been one of the most luxurious streets in the world, according to the prestigious urban planner Allan B. Jacobs, where all the most premium fashion brands are currently installed. In addition, along the promenade we find the works of great misunderstood artists at the time, such as Antoni Gaudí, Lluis Domènech i Montaner or Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

As reputation precedes itself of this street, at Cloudworks we decided to make our latest opening with fantastic views to this majestic avenue.

We invite you to visit some of its emblematic buildings in the following links:

 – Casa Batlló

– Casa Lleó i Morera

– Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

– Casa Amatller


In the historic center of the city we find the so-called Barri Gòtic, in the heart itself, born on the remains of the Roman Barcino. It’s known for its medieval layout made of hidden squares and narrow labyrinthine streets around Plaça Sant Jaume. The area has many tourist attractions that include the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (a famous example of the Catalan Gothic architecture dating from the 14th century), the Plaça Real (next to Las Ramblas) and Carrer del Bisbe; among others. On the outskirts of the neighborhood you can find the Portal de l’Angel street. We have mentioned before where you can purchase more luxury items, this street is the opposite, it is a pedestrian avenue where you can access many high street clothing stores.

There are numerous companies that do daily tours of the neighborhood. Many of them tell secrets and mysteries that have been told generation after generation, attracting more and more tourists.

Some of these companies are:

– ICONO Serveis Culturals

– Guru Walk

– Barcelona City Tours


It would be no exaggeration to say, it’s one of the most beautiful markets in all of Barcelona and, at Cloudworks, we have decided to have one of our locations with fantastic views of the place (as you can see in the photo taken at Cloudworks Sant Antoni) . It began to be built in 1872 and is one of the largest markets in Barcelona, ​​as it contains fresh food, the Encants and the Dominical (books, magazines, etc.). It’s incredible to think that it was outlined by Ildefons Cerdà himself, who made the plan for the reform and expansion of the city in 1860, and that it was subsequently projected by the municipal architect Antoni Rovira Trias. Let yourself be carried away by its modernist, and recently renovated, architecture while you make your classic purchase of the week, but in a unique environment.

Click here, to access the official website of Sant Antoni’s Market where you can be updated on the latest news.


The Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the largest and liveliest lungs in Barcelona. It received its name for occupying the place where the Citadel of Barcelona was previously located, a fortification created for the control of the city, after the War of Spanish Succession in the 18th century. It was the first park specifically designed as a public park and is currently a dynamic space used for countless cultural and recreational activities. As a curious fact, it has more than 100 plant species and innumerable centenary trees that surround unique elements such as its monumental waterfall, a magic lake and sculptures of all sizes and buildings of the 19th century, now converted into museums.


Antoni Gaudí is the undoubted protagonist of our city. Its architectural seal is embodied in many areas of Barcelona, ​​but Park Güell collects many of his works, and for this reason it’s unique. The park was inaugurated in 1922, and its initial idea was the construction of a luxury residential complex, although year after year this idea was abandoned to become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 1984. As you walk through its corners you will go glimpsing the extravagant style of the artist that mixes with nature itself, reflected in the large structures that rise from the ground like trees.

If you want to take a walk through this peculiar park of more than 15 acers, you must buy a ticket in advance through the link that we provide below, since more than 400 people pass every half hour due to the long lines that form!

Park Güell Official Website


If there is a market that is really emblematic of Barcelona, ​​and famous worldwide, that is La Boqueria. Although it was officially opened in 1840, there are data affirming that it already existed as an open-air market since 1227. Whether you want to buy fish, or walk among its slippery aisles, or even eating in the unique Pinotxo Bar, this market offers you a wide variety of experiences.

We must highlight the area in which this unique space, Las Ramblas, is located. This avenue draws a line between the center of Barcelona, ​​Plaza Cataluña, and the sea: a historic road.


In the neighborhood of Barcelona, you can find this wonderful beach remodeled in 1992, because of the Olympic Games. To all those who aren’t used to seeing the sea, we invite you to take a simple walk through this beach filled with tourists and sun bathers, that leaves no one indifferent.


The Tibidabo mountain surrounds our city towards the Mediterranean Sea. From any point of the city, including all our coworking spaces, you can see the mountain crowned by the temple at the summit. There are 3 main tourist attractions: Parc d’Atraccions del Tibidabo, which opened its doors in 1900 and you can still feel the nostalgia in its attractions of the belle epoque; Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, a classic monument of the neo-Gothic architecture; and the Collserola Tower, surrounded by its magical forests.

Here we attach the main website of Tibidabo , where you can learn more and purchase tickets.


The small mountain facing Tibidabo, and closer to the sea, is the mountain of Montjuic, that is only 173 meters tall. At the top we can glimpse another panoramic view of our city, in addition to visiting the Castle of Montjuic. But what we really want to highlight is that at its feet we find the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. An incredible water feature that for many years, every evening hosts a totally free show of music and colour that you should not miss for anything in the world.

To know the show’s schedules, Access the following link.

If you want to visit Montjuic Castle we provide you with the Official Website provided by the Barcelona City Council

We cannot finish this Blog Post without mentioning our coworkers of Barcelona Tours. They offer great private tours throughout Barcelona, ​​and even specialized food tours!

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