How to optimize your workspace productively and creatively


How to optimize your workspace productively and creatively

October 07 / 2022

We all know a co-worker, friend or family member who reads a lot of their work emails while burning calories on a stationary bike. It may be an interesting way to avoid boredom while exercising, but it may not be as effective in the workplace.
Working from anywhere is an old dream that ended up becoming a reality. Technology is primarily responsible for this achievement. However, no matter how comfortable we may feel, if the workspace used is not optimized, it is very likely that our work will not reach the expected level.
We must bear in mind that we will work a very high ammount of hours throughout our lives. Adapting the space in which we develop our activity to the needs we have will favour an efficient performance. Improvement that will also benefit our productivity and health.

Optimised workspace: tips on how to achieve it

Get rid of clutter and distractions

Chaos can be relaxing and even inspiring for an artist. For other professions, it is often a nuisance that impedes the ability to concentrate. 

Irrelevant and out-of-place objects cause us to look towards them. The mind then flies to unproductive worlds that take over time and work capacity. 

Avoiding this only requires the effort of tidying up the workspace on a general level. Once the chaos has been overcome, maintaining daily order will require only a quick supervision that hardy takes any time.

External noise is another element that considerably alters concentration in the workspace. We must always look for quiet environments that allow us to maintain maximum attention in the activity we are carrying out.

Improvement of memory and association

Our brain tends to associate the workplace with concentration and memory. That’s why when we arrive at the office our brain instantly gets ready to work. 

The more adapted and comfortable this space is, the greater the performance we will get from our activity. We will reduce the time needed to achieve maximum concentration, which will remain at remarkable levels throughout the day.

Adding nature to the work environment

A good view of a park, a mountain or the sea provides emotional support for our work effort. We may not realize it, but every time we take a look around, it’s like inhaling a refreshing breath of energy.

Indoor plants are another great resource. They bring life to our direct environment, thus preventing it from becoming too cold and aseptic.

Stimulation of creativity

It is essential to have a place for concentration, but also a place for creativity. Generally, both do not coincide in the same location, so it is very positive to change the environment now and then if it is time to develop creativity. 

A different and collaborative environment enhances problem solving by taking into account different points of view. In the face of creative blockages, ideas emerge better when there are more colleagues putting forward ideas.

Finding your own space

Each professional must find the most suitable workspace for their needs.  It is not only important that everything is to our liking but also to be clear about whether we want to be alone or accompanied. 

There are workers who need other colleagues near their desks to feel the team pressure and never slow down. But there are also those who prefer solitude and silence, either constantly or only depending on the work to be done. It all depends on each individual.

The always interesting option of coworking

If you can’t find the kind of workspace you are looking for in your office or at home, a coworking space is certainly the solution to your problems. 

Cloudworks is a great example. It offers you the possibility to work either in reserved areas or together with other coworkers. It’s up to you. We adapt to your needs and those of your team. 

We have multiple phone booths so you can make phone or video calls with the greatest possible comfort and privacy. No one will bother you and you will not bother other cloudworkers.

Each of our various locations, both in Madrid and Barcelona, have the most attractive working environments. Their ergonomic furniture, adequate temperature, high speed internet or 24/7 availability make them ideal spaces for you to carry out effective and quality work. As if that were not enough, all of them have large terraces from which to contemplate spectacular views of the city. Undoubtedly a fantastic option to relax, interact and exchange synergies with other professionals. On our website you can take virtual tours of the existing locations in Madrid and Barcelona. Thanks to them you will have an idea of the types of workspaces available and which one suits you best. But you can also visit them in person. Contact us and we will be delighted to show them to you!

An inspiring workspace awaits

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