Discover office models that will succeed in the return to work!


Discover office models that will succeed in the return to work!

March 24 / 2021

There are many offices models in the post covid scenario. Remote working is one of them. Discover all the offices models in this article.

What office models will be introduced after the pandemic?

  Due to our interest and experience in remote working during the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hybrid model is one of the beneficial office models we offer to meet any company of professional’s demands.

A flexible model

The flexible model is becoming increasingly common, and those who apply it are known as hybrid workers or companies. A combination of two concepts allows workers to spend part of their time working in the office and the rest in other locations, such as their own home or coworking spaces. Professionals who opt for this hybrid model can choose to work as and where they are most productive. 

A more dynamic way of working can help reduce the stress and feeling of burnout that many people experience working from home. Also, companies that offer a flexible model are more attractive to talent, especially if workspaces are optimized and stimulating, in contrast to the conventional offices of the past.

We understand the importance of social interactions and a sense of community belonging, and also that workspaces should inspire our purpose and allow us to achieve our established goals.

Other options, such as returning to the office and working remotely, are also alternatives to consider. With the implementation of all the models, current trends suggest that there is no definitive option, but instead, workers will be given choices to adapt their work environment to their needs better.

This translates to the hub-and-spoke-office model, where companies can have a central headquarters so that professionals need to travel less frequently. Smaller satellite offices can be provided throughout a city or country.

A return to the office?

Returning to the office continues to be the post-pandemic work model that many organizations still consider as an attractive alternative, especially for key team members who need access to a physical space and work infrastructure. These workers will be able to communicate with other members face-to-face or via videoconferences with those who have not been included in the plan to return to the office. 

Fully remote

Although remote work has played a significant role in keeping companies afloat, many organizations are still not prepared to take the leap to this office model. According to sources from “La Información”, 75% of remote Spanish workers feel overwhelmed and unable to disconnect. In this period of uncertainty and change, up to 34% of jobs were carried out remotely.  

Our flexible work models

 Adopting a flexible office model offers many benefits by making it the worker’s choice. Depending on the job or tasks you are doing, you can work a few days from home and others from an office. This model requires specially adapted spaces to encourage the development of activities in a truly flexible environment. 

This is precisely what we offer at Cloudworks, an alternative to the Home Office where our flexible work models are adapted each company’s dimensional, financial and operational reality. Find out more below. 

Offices per week or days

Cloudworks offices per week are the perfect solution for moving your business operations to a workspace without a permanent commitment or fixed costs. If you are looking for openness and diversity of workspaces (access to terraces) and an inspirational, productive and stimulating environment for your company and team, we are here to provide the support you are looking for. 

We offer an exclusive service in each of our spaces. We have safe, centrally-located and accessible offices, adapted to the current regulations and equipped with ergonomic furniture. Your team will have access to all the services from the outset, including access to terraces and common areas. 

You will have multiple locations at your disposal where you can fulfil your responsibilities remotely without sacrificing business profitability. All this, and at the same time, you can save the cost of rent, services, equipment maintenance, etc. 

Team Pass

This multi-person pack can be used by several members of the same team or individually. The Team Pass includes 20-day passes for €300 + VAT, including 3 hours of meeting room access. It can be used for a maximum period of three months at any of the Cloudworks locations. This will allow you to put teleworking into practice, granting access to your staff to the location closest to their home or wherever they may be and reducing the need to travel in the current situation. 

Regardless of the space you choose, you will have access to all the necessary amenities to enhance the performance of your team. You will be able to establish synergies with other professionals and companies, network and find out about the latest developments in different sectors. 

Trial week

With Trial Week, you can try our private workspaces with your team and enjoy all the services without any obligation for a week. Choose any of our locations and work in spaces specifically designed to enhance the productivity of your company. 

Our work plans

 At Cloudworks, we cater to your every request and can adapt to the needs of each company. Members of our community can opt for any of the work plans we have created for flexible work solutions

Coworking Flex

Digital nomads, freelancers, and professionals who wish to establish synergies with other co-workers find the ideal workspace to unleash their skills in our Coworking Flex plan. You have the option of working in shared areas, fully-equipped and illuminated, with 24/7 access, meeting rooms, and guaranteed attendance to exclusive events, among other advantages. 

Coworking Fix

Growing start-ups and freelancers will find an ideal place to establish the centre of their operations in our Coworking Fix spaces. You can have a designated desk where you can develop your ideas and enjoy 4 hours of reservation for meeting rooms, giving you the option to define strategies and brainstorm ideas with your team. We adjust these spaces to your needs so you have nothing to worry about.

Private Offices and Serviced Office

You can rent one of Cloudworks’ private and serviced offices through our flexible contracts, for a customized workspace to meet all the needs of your company. We have private offices ideal for teams of 2 to 15 people, as well as a serviced office for more than 20 people. All spaces are equipped with the essential amenities so that nothing gets in the way of your work or that of your team. We offer tea or coffee, printing, access to all areas and reception service, among other benefits. 

Day & Week Pass

Work from one of our downtown offices with no long-term commitment. With Cloudworks Day & Week Passes, anyone can set up their temporary workspace. This plan is perfectly adapted to the current situation and is ideal for professionals looking for an inspiring space to enhance their productivity. 

The future is flexible offices

 This new uncertain and changing situation has transformed many companies that once had a static office model. Flexible offices break with this pattern to offer the best of remote and office work, covering all your guarantees and needs, yet offering a workspace that encourages creativity, productivity, and well-being at work. 

Flexible offices are the future and at Cloudworks we are fully aware of this new reality. For this reason, we have adapted our spaces to the needs of modern companies and professionals to provide them with all the comforts to facilitate their work, complying with current health standards and regulations, providing a personalized service and leading companies into the future of work.  

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