Does hybrid work contribute to companies being more inclusive?


Does hybrid work contribute to companies being more inclusive?

April 29 / 2022

The only constant in life is that everything is constantly changing. Sometimes the transformation takes place gradually and sometimes through an unexpected disruption. The pandemic was the unforeseen trigger that brought forward the business technology adaptation process planned for the next five years. 

Following the maxim of the famous Greek physician Hippocrates, desperate times require drastic measures, companies dealt with the situation quickly and effectively, implementing teleworking for their workers during confinement. 

Once the situation improved, it was time for hybrid work. A strategy that generated uncertain initial expectations but that the passage of time has confirmed as an efficient work option. 

At Cloudworks we also believe in the success of the new work model. That is why we tell you what hybrid work is all about, its contribution to making companies more inclusive and its benefits.

Hybrid work model

The possibility of working some days from home and others in the office is certainly a revolutionary measure. To this end, companies draw up calendars establishing dates and schedules of mandatory attendance by professionals. Work flexibility for the benefit of the employee and the company. Happy employees tend to improve their performance in the vast majority of cases. 

It will depend on each company to adapt to the new hybrid work model according to its possibilities (budget, technology, etc.). However, they should be aware that it is here to stay, so they will have to make an effort to catch up.

Hybrid work, the opportunity for inclusive companies

Recognizing the differences of the various professionals that make up a company and supporting their diversity are distinctive features of inclusive companies.

Places where work is carried out in a diverse and inclusive environment enhance the preservation of the corporate culture. They also help to improve productivity and collaboration among colleagues. All this has a beneficial impact on the company. Diversity of ideas and perspectives drives innovation. 

As the implementation of hybrid work progresses, human resources teams will face a major challenge: making all workers feel part of a team. Some will be in person at the office, others remotely, but everyone must form a team. 

Achieving this comprehensive integration of all staff members will enable companies to attract and retain the best talent in an extremely competitive job market.

Benefits of hybrid work

As this is such a recent work model, over the years drawbacks will inevitably arise that must be corrected. As with any new system, it must always be open to change and improvement. For now, let’s take a look at its benefits.

Efficient spaces and cost reduction

The reduced presence of workers in the office allows the company to carry out a study to optimize its resources. A space management software is a great option to improve the efficiency of spaces. 

Fewer people in the office means less space is needed. Smaller offices, resulting in lower overall company costs. 

More satisfied employees

Hybrid work facilitates work-life balance. Time for family or other activities is much better distributed.  

By reducing the stress generated on a daily basis, professionals strengthen their ties with their company by increasing their job satisfaction. Both parties benefit.

Increased productivity 

Working several days from home makes professionals more comfortable. Such a situation favours a more efficient, more productive work, without distractions from other colleagues. 

Thanks to the balance between work and personal life, work days are carried out with a different mindset. The day can certainly be used more intensely.

Improved company culture

The hybrid work model does not mean the end of the company culture. New times show that constant presence in the office is no longer essential for employees to demonstrate their commitment to the company.

It is possible to carry out at home and efficiently those individual tasks in which the whole team does not participate at the same time. At other times the professional will go to the company to work on collaborative projects, interacting in person with other colleagues. More than by presence, the company culture is fostered by listening to the employee, who this way will always feel more valued.

Talent attraction and retention

Work flexibility and employee satisfaction make companies that have implemented hybrid act as a magnet to attract talent. More and more high-value workers are putting flexible work conditions before financial ones. This is an opportunity that should not be missed by either party.

On the other hand, existing talent in the company is easier to retain thanks to the work-life balance possibilities offered by hybrid work.  At Cloudworks, we have witnessed the changes in the way we work over the last decade. Our spaces are occupied daily by digital nomads, professionals who only need meeting rooms for a few hours or start-ups that since their creation have implemented the hybrid work model. Come meet us and discover our different coworking plans!

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