Meet Vivi!

Vivi is the COO and cofounder of Wifitakeaway, an innovative company that produces a device which allows its user to access the internet from anywhere. Together, she and her husband, Ricardo, started Wifitakeaway after they began to notice a problematic pattern.

For the past six years, the couple has worked together as Airbnb hosts offering up their space to those interested in traveling to Barcelona. While their guests were in their home, they were able to receive recommendations from Vivi and Ricardo, connect to the mobile world, and plan out their day. However, guests frequently ran into a large problem. As soon as they left the confines of their Airbnb, they were without internet service, and it became practically impossible to make the most of their limited days without a working cell phone, paying for excessive amounts for roaming, or purchasing an additional sim card.

Noticing a need in the market for increased connectivity, Vivi and Ricardo took action, and thus Wifitakeaway was created. The co-founders believe utilizing ​Cloudworks​’s space and community has positively affected their business in many ways. To them, one of the most important aspects of the coworking space is meeting other coworkers from around the world in an informal manner. From there, they’ve both been able to develop friendships and mentors that they can turn towards for guidance. Most recently, they were able to hire Wifitakeaway’s CTO through ​Cloudworks​.

Vivi also believes that the space one utilizes for a business is more important than they might initially think. An attractive, inspiring space full of light that encourages ideas. A space that makes anyone feel as though they can thrive rather than just getting through another day at the office.

Originally from Venezuela, she has greatly enjoyed her time here in Barcelona. She has especially enjoyed the startup environment and has attended the Mobile Work Congress and ​4 Years From Now in several opportunities.

Since Wifitakeaway’s first year, sales have increased 300%. Vivi is excited to continue developing Wifitakeaway with Ricardo and aims to offer their product to the consumer for free in the near future.