The importance of diversity in the company and the most common biases


The importance of diversity in the company and the most common biases

October 10 / 2022

In the human resources sector, the issue of diversity in the company has always been the subject of some controversy. However, the evolution of society in recent decades has led to promoting this diversity, becoming their fundamental objective. 

The concept refers to the integration of a wide range of people with different characteristics and backgrounds that enrich the company’s human capital thanks to their plurality of perspectives and skills.   

It is not only about the presence of cultural diversity but also about sexual, religious, ethnic, gender or age diversity. 

Diversity in the company: interest in inclusion or economic interest?

Although it is necessary to involve in the work activity, the entire broad spectrum of people who make up today’s society, sometimes doubts arise as to the real motivation of companies. 

Economic benefit or commitment to inclusion? Supporting LGBTI issues, ethnic minorities or neurodiversity can be profitable for the image of certain companies. However, if their only purpose is that, sooner or later consumers found out and it will be detrimental to them.  

Being aware of the correct evolution of these companies with regard to these issues allows us to know if their motivation was self-serving or not. 

Benefits of diversity in the company 

Heterogeneity of perspectives

As mentioned earlier, diverse characteristics and backgrounds facilitates the creation of varied points of view. Thanks to them, it is possible to carry out the most comprehensive and effective business strategy planning. 

Increased creativity

Employees with different life experiences can contribute different and original ideas. The combination of all of them produces a new and creative global vision that is very useful for the company.  

Innovation and problem-solving capacity

Linked to the previous point, creativity leads to innovation. Inclusive companies have a great chance of becoming innovation leaders in their respective markets. 

On the other hand, diversity in the company makes it easy for problems to tend to be resolved quickly. According to a Harvard Business Review study, diverse teams have more resolving effectiveness than cognitively similar people. They also drive improvement in efficient decision-making. 

Decreased employee turnover

It is the effect that makes employees feel accepted and valued. Being comfortable at work, without suffering any kind of discrimination or rejection from colleagues or bosses, means that professionals do not want to change employers. 

It is undoubtedly a great way for companies to retain talent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case due to a series of discriminatory biases that still exist in some companies. 

Most common discriminatory biases

  • Male chauvinism

A type of sexism determined by the prevalence of men over women.

  • Racism

Exacerbation of the racial sense of an ethnic group that generally produces contempt and segregation from another or others with whom it lives.

  • Xenophobia

Aversion towards foreigners.

  • Ageism

Clichés, biases and discrimination against people because of their age. 

  • Ableism

Social exclusion or stigma directed at people with disabilities

  • LGTBIPhobia

Intolerance and discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex groups because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

How to correct these biases?

There are different options to try to correct biases that may arise in companies. Let’s get to know some of the most effective in promoting diversity in the company. 

Communication campaigns

Following the celebration of international days or thematic days and weeks, companies create communication campaigns to inform and promote awareness of the social issues in question. 

Social teambuilding

Teambuilding activities whose objective is to motivate team members with social issues.

Days of dialogue

They are meetings where opinions are expressed and testimonies and stories are discussed that raise awareness and serve as inspiration to eliminate prejudices and promote diversity.

Innovation Spaces

They are about finding solutions to the most important social challenges in the corporate environment. The creation of this type of space entails the interest and motivation of the company to participate in the improvement of society. 

At Cloudworks we are also very concerned about cultural diversity and the inclusive spirit of companies. We have been living up to it from the start in our different locations in Madrid and Barcelona.

Not only do we have work spaces, but we also have recreational ones for when it’s time to take a break. Terraces, cafeterias and numerous events throughout the year help boost a sense of community among co-workers. 

This way, the exchange of synergies among professionals flows smoothly, without them being affected by any type of discrimination based on their gender, race, sexual orientation or age.If you want to get to know our spaces and experience first-hand the current spirit of diversity, all you have to do is stop by. It will be our pleasure to assist you!

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