Differences between private and serviced offices


Differences between private and serviced offices

June 01 / 2022

Are you looking for an optimal location for your start-up and also be part of a dynamic community of professionals? Are you interested only in an exclusive space where your company can carry out its activity?

At Cloudworks we can help you. We offer flexible plans according to your needs. In our spaces you have private offices and serviced offices so that you can carry out each of the projects in which you participate. 

And all this in comfortable environments, equipped with the latest technologies and centrally located, both in Madrid and Barcelona. Their excellent connections to public transport lines will facilitate a more practical, dynamic and productive life for both you and your team. 

Private office or serviced office?

It all depends on the usability you are looking for. If what you want is for your startup to develop its work in a coworking center, although enjoying some independence, then you are interested in the private office plan.

In it, you and your team can work in rooms that are physically separated by glass walls. However, you will also have common spaces at your disposal with the rest of the coworkers in order to participate in a dynamic community willing to share experiences. The ideal environment for networking and exchanging synergies between professionals from different sectors.

Even if your company constitutes its own unit, you will be part of a professional ecosystem. All this within multipurpose spaces adapted to the members of the community.

If what you are looking for is a personalized space where only your company has access to it, then we are talking about a serviced office plan. Cloudworks takes care of the operational management of the office so that your company only has to take care of managing its own operations. 

This type of plan allows you and your team to focus on the development of your professional activity, since you don’t need to worry about space or supply management or potential day-to-day incidents.

Although one of the main features of the serviced office is the separation of its space, it is not necessary to give up membership in the community. Several of our serviced office locations are in buildings where there are also coworking and common areas that you will have access to, in addition to being always welcome at the many community events that are organized.

Differences between private and serviced offices

Private office

  • They are very suitable for companies with teams of between two and twenty members, as well as for freelancers interested in an exclusive space.
  • It has the privacy sought within a coworking space. However, as mentioned before, it has common areas where you can interact with other cloudworkers, as well as meeting rooms, telephone booths and other multipurpose spaces.
  • In addition to encouraging participation in events, this plan also includes the support of the front desk, which has a Cloudworks specialist to offer you support with requests and incidents.
  • Possibility to customize the space with furniture (tables and chairs); to install corporate logos; to contract whiteboards or adapt the infrastructure for internet connectivity.

Serviced Office

  • This is a plan for companies with a team of fifteen workers and more. The space is adapted for the company’s growth. If this occurs, Cloudworks offers the option of contracting more floors or moving to another location.
  • Some serviced offices are located in our coworking spaces, where the employees of these companies are the only ones who have access to that space, without having to give up contact with the community, common areas or events organized in the center.
  • Customization of the space to the tastes of companies: choice of furniture and its distribution; decoration; signage and graphic identity throughout the space; technology, lockers …
  • The main objective of the serviced office is to delegate the operational management of the office to us. This way professionals focus on developing their projects while Cloudworks channels any day-to-day requests that arise in the office.

There are also characteristics that they share:

  • Adaptation of the Internet connectivity infrastructure according to the needs of the company.
  • Central locations of the various spaces that we have in Madrid and Barcelona. All with easy access to public transport, allowing them to be reached from anywhere in the city.
  • Availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • Supplies such as coffee and tea and services such as cleaning, among others.

Both the private office plan and the serviced office plan are flexible and customized contracts. Its goal is that you can focus on your work and forget about the rest. If you want to know more about them or have any questions, contact Cloudworks and we will be more than happy to answer them!

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