5 Reasons why coworking for companies is booming


5 Reasons why coworking for companies is booming

September 22 / 2022

Over the past two decades, office design has undergone a true revolution. Large rooms with countless workstations crammed next to each other are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Or of companies not concerned about the well-being of their workers.

However, this requirement is now essential. As we have repeatedly pointed out in previous articles, most professionals today prioritize their health and well-being in the company over a higher economic compensation for their services.

This is why coworking spaces for companies are now bursting at the seams. They are people-cantered spaces. This fact allows to enhance the sense of belonging, the creative spirit and the productivity of a company concerned about its staff.

Cloudworks: how to lay out companies in a coworking facility

What was anecdotal until a few years ago is now becoming increasingly common. Numerous start-up companies choose Cloudworks to establish their offices.

Both our Madrid and Barcelona locations are prepared to adapt to your needs. Private offices and coworking spaces equipped with everything you need to carry out professional and effective work. 

Our private offices offer independence and are designed to encourage creativity in a stimulating environment. Centrally located and very well communicated, with magnificent views and common spaces for the leisure activities of cloudworkers. 

As an example, we talk about our flagship in Madrid: Cibeles. In the Salamanca district, between Plaza de la Cibeles and Puerta de Alcalá. 1000 m² distributed on two floors and equipped with attractive common areas. Here you will find both private offices and coworking spaces. 

But it’s not all work. We also care about making you feel at ease and that you get in touch with other cloudworkers. For this reason, we are continuously promoting activities for your enjoyment. 

Coworking for companies: 5 reasons why it is booming

Much more than cost reduction

Undoubtedly, these coworking spaces, widely used by start-ups or individual entrepreneurs, represent a considerable saving in investment. 

In many cases they provide entrepreneurs with the use of space that they would otherwise not be able to afford in the early stages of their project. But it also gives them the invaluable opportunity to create synergies and network with other members of the dynamic and creative ecosystem in which their office is integrated.

Habit, professionalism and a sense of being valued

You might think that an entrepreneur, with few clients as yet, would have their office covered by working on the laptop from their sofa at home. It could not be more economical. 

However, going to an adapted place, with appropriate technology and furniture, with more people working there, helps professionals to steel themselves and focus on their work. 

Coworking for companies provides the comforts of the office to nomadic professionals. But, above all, these satellite offices bring together remote workers of the company so that they can interact with each other. In this way, these small remote teams perceive that the company cares about them and they feel valued. 

Flexibility and autonomy

One of the great advantages of coworking spaces is their 24/7 accessibility. Thanks to this, professionals can better control their working hours and distribute their schedule according to the objectives to be met.

Whether you have a peak workload or a deadline that requires you to work into the wee hours of the morning, go to the doctor or take care of other personal business and then get on with your work. This would be something more complicated to carry out in a traditional office.

This autonomy, if made too flexible, can lead to reduced productivity for the worker. It is coworking spaces that manage to avoid this because the office is integrated into a dynamic community of professionals who encourage them to stay motivated. 


The important thing about this community of professionals we are talking about is that it does not involve forced socialization. It is there and we can participate in it whenever we want. Coworkers, both corporate and self-employed, are absolutely free.

However, the opportunity to network with complementary companies located in the same space should not be missed. Work, networking, events, terraces where you can relax… And all this without leaving the location.

Company culture

It represents more than just having foosball tables in the break rooms or riding scooters through the corridors. Coworking for companies helps to build it. 

These modern and healthy spaces act as natural hives in which social and professional relationships are constantly being built. Workers from different companies, often complementary, interact with each other and generate a sense of belonging in shared spaces.Start-ups with offices in coworking spaces soon absorb the camaraderie that exists in this ecosystem. A way of seeing life that they will integrate into their corporate principles from the very beginning. When they make the leap to their own facilities, they will take with them this positive philosophy acquired in coworking spaces. Now that you know some interesting reasons to establish your start-up in a coworking space, what are you waiting for? Contact Cloudworks and we will gladly explain all the possible options.

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