COVID-19 | Cloudworks preventive action plan


COVID-19 | Cloudworks preventive action plan

April 23 / 2020

The health and well-being of our members is one of our main focuses today. Learn more about our preventive measures plan.

We are aware of the uncertainty generated by returning to the office in the current context. For some, that moment is near and that is why we are applying the necessary measures to guarantee safe workspaces.

At Cloudworks we have strengthened our commitment to our Community and one of our main focuses currently is to preserve the health and well-being of our members.

Following the guidelines of official local and international institutions, we have designed a plan of preventive measures. This plan is adapted to our specific requirements for spaces and interactions, and follows a protocol of maximum demand and security.

Cleaning intensification

Within our spaces, we intensify the cleaning of frequently used surfaces and crowded spaces with virucidal products authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain. We will disinfect incoming packages and reduce storage at reception.

In kitchens, we replace textile towels with disposable towels and hand dryers to avoid continuous contact. We also make sure that kitchen utensils are cleaned at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. The fridges are emptied and cleaned at the end of the day.

Air regeneration

We recognize the importance of air conditioning and ventilation. For this reason, we increase air renewal through air conditioning / heating recuperators, and install portable air recuperators where necessary.

We increase both the maintenance of the air system and filter cleaning, as well as the presence of natural air regenerating plants.

During the working day, we keep the air turned on in ventilation mode. Outside of this, we ventilate the spaces daily.

Redistribution of spaces

We involve and adapt the safety distance measures to our spaces. We increase the distance to approximately 2 meters in Fix / Flex workspaces, and when this is not possible, we will install individual protective screens. In the case of private offices, we consider that the implementation of the measures should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure the recommended distance and we try to be flexible in this regard.

Additionally, we limit the maximum capacity in all common areas and meeting rooms, and we ask building managers to promote prevention measures in elevators, concierges, etc.

Additional measures

Safety and, as always, our sense of Community will be key in adapting to the new normal. For this reason, we will deliver each of our Cloudworkers an individual protection kit (reusable mask, disinfectant gel and disposable gloves).

In addition, we install sanitizing gel and glove dispensers alongside fingerprint readers, receptions, meeting rooms, phonebooths, kitchens, and dining rooms. We have access card and an infrared thermometer in each center to measure body temperature.

All our members will receive the necessary information to comply with each measure easily and safely. For this, we have an information plan and our staff will be responsible for safeguarding the implementation of the action protocol.

We trust that we will all cautiously resume our regular activities and continue to achieve goals together.