Club PayFit is our new partner


Club PayFit is our new partner

May 31 / 2021

Take a look at all the advantages offered by this full-service platform for our coworkers.

We increasingly live in a digitalised world that surrounds our day-to-day work. We find countless digital platforms where we can manage every one of the needs of a company. Some teams opt for Canva to design quickly and effectively, and others for Slack to communicate instantly, but when it comes to managing the Human Resources department, we find a wide variety of platforms that make the job difficult for any professional. PayFit has arrived to revolutionise the work routine of the department and make it easier.

At Cloudworks, we rely on brands with the same values as us, and that is why we have created this agreement with PayFit. One of our core values is the comprehensive service we offer our coworkers when managing their workspace, and Payfit also offers complete software to centralise payroll and HR.

What is the agreement about?

This alliance aims to help our entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to digitise and automate payroll and paperwork to gain efficiency with better HR management.

As a Cloudworks member, you will automatically receive two months completely free to try the platform with the most incredible possible peace of mind. In addition, you will be able to centralise all your employees’ payslips in the cloud so you can forget about unnecessary administrative procedures. And last but not least, you will have at your disposal a team of experts who will solve your legal and labour doubts with complete advice.

Start this experience at no cost and take advantage of all its benefits!