5 Business Trends in 2022: From Metaverse to Work  Flexibility


5 Business Trends in 2022: From Metaverse to Work  Flexibility

March 09 / 2022

The world has changed a lot in the last two years. Due to the pandemic, society  has been immersed in a technological disruption that under normal conditions  would have taken at least five years to occur. 

Crises close many doors, but they also open new windows. Like that of digital  transformation. A short period of time has been enough for us to adapt easily to  new digital habits. The increase in online training or work flexibility thanks to  teleworking are some of them. 

Business trends in 2022 confirm that this rapid transformation is already  unstoppable. The expected outcome is the generation of greater economic  growth and the improvement of sustainability, inclusion and quality work. 

Our community of cloudworkers is made up of professionals who enjoy this work  flexibility thanks to remote work and entrepreneurs who use our spaces to develop  their projects. 

That is why at Cloudworks we continue we continue to follow the digital  transformation process and we pride ourselves in keeping current with the latest  business trends. We want you to know them too! 

5 Business Trends in 2022 


The famous metaverse driven by META, the new name by which Mark  Zuckerberg’s empire is currently known, represents a niche of opportunities both  at the business and work level. 

This kind of alternative reality, halfway between virtual reality and augmented  reality, allows us to do what we do outside the home without having to leave the  sofa. 

As the metaverse ecosystem grows throughout 2022, companies are confident  that their operations will experience three types of changes in the future: 

• Emergence of new types of relationship with customers and businesses. • Streamlining communications with remote working people. 

• Introduction of new currencies and types of transactions. 

Artificial intelligence 

Throughout 2022, the presence of AI will increase. This set of technologies  capable of solving increasingly complex problems will drive massive digital  transformation in global industries and businesses. 

To create good growth models and identify the right metrics, companies will  increasingly use it. Algorithms and automated, metrics-based decision-making will  take over. 

It is expected that during this year companies will carry out an average of about 35  AI projects in their operations. The learning sector will also benefit greatly from this  technology. Among the different applications of AI in 2022 we can find the  increased development of AI, AI-assisted design, ontologies and graphics, small  data or generative AI. 


Is an essential business trend after the technological disruption we talked about  earlier. The greater the digital transformation, the greater the number of  cyberattacks on companies. 

To avoid its vulnerability, technological implementations aimed at protecting the  privacy and integrity of the information of customers and users with an active  digital life are essential. 

The application of artificial intelligence will allow the simplification and cost  reduction when creating solid cybersecurity protocols. The identities and devices  of remote workers will be increasingly reinforced with cybersecurity. 

Increased interest in social networks by companies 

Any marketing or e-commerce plan of a company has to take into account the  importance of social networks. The business trend of 2022 predicts an increase in  this interest throughout the year and beyond. 

Over the past three years, spending on social media ads has skyrocketed by  almost 70%. TikTok achieved $1 billion in 2020, most of which was generated by  the sale of ads on the platform. 

The rise of eCommerce is still far from slowing down. Thanks to the pandemic, in  just two years it has reached the levels it was expected to reach in 2025. The new  buying patterns enhance the development of online sales integrated into a large  part of social networks. 

Work flexibility 

Telecommuting is here to stay. There is no doubt about that. Workers have  discovered the benefits of remote work and companies have no choice but to  adapt to the new situation. It is therefore time for a decentralization of functions. 

The business trend for this year regarding teleworking maintains that of the  previous two years. Many companies have adopted the hybrid work mode, where  the members of their teams can work some days remotely and others in situ. 

This innovative system favours the balance between professional and personal life,  whether full-time, part-time or as a freelancer. It often also reinforces the  engagement of employees with the company. 

Coworking spaces have become the ideal place for this type of professionals. They  are equipped with all the necessary means so that users can carry out their work in  optimal conditions. 

In Cloudworks we have the appropriate space that these professionals need to  develop their work remotely. We offer tailor-made coworking plans where you can  work days, weeks or months. Also meeting rooms, private offices and serviced  office. Looking for a suitable place to work remotely? Do you want to network with other  coworkers? Then Cloudworks is the place to be.

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