Benefits of listening to music at work


Benefits of listening to music at work

August 12 / 2020

Discover all the benefits of listening to music at work. Learn why it is a practice that  is increasingly carried out in companies. 

In an era where companies are even more interested in assessing the productivity  of their workforce, trying to find ways to improve performance in the workplace is  more relevant than ever. This has become a priority for any business leader. 

While it’s easy to think of improving productivity with process optimization, or  adding additional staff, there’s another option to consider. Surprisingly, listening to  music for work is believed to have a positive impact on the performance of  professionals. 

Not only can music be perfect for driving a convertible or hanging out with friends,  but several studies have shown that listening to music while working can be very  beneficial. Whether it’s your favorite rock song or a relaxing classic tune, keep  reading us atCloudworks to find out how music can help you to concentrate better  in the office. 

Why is it good to listen to music to work? 

Silence may be ideal for some, but more and more people say they enjoy listening  to music to work. Even music streaming services, such as Spotify, offer playlists tailored to different work environments including offices. 

A survey conducted by TotalJobs of more than 4,500 people found that many  feel that listening to music increases their productivity. This is partly because  music can be a mental stimulant and when people are stimulated by the work they  do, their performance can increase. 

However, this depends on certain factors, such as whether the person is introverted or extroverted. Those who are extroverts need more stimulation or  “excitement” to achieve maximum performance, while introverts need less. If you  belong to the first group of people, discover everything that ambient office music  or your favorite tracks can do for you.

Increases productivity 

The study we mentioned earlier, conducted in 2016 by TotalJobs, found that 79% of employees increase their personal productivity while listening to music. The  same study also showed that of the employees who are allowed to listen to music  at work, 59% of them say it’s beneficial to their mental well-being. 

Employees who are less stressed and generally happier within their jobs are more  likely to show initiative and productivity. They want to work harder for their  employers who promote their well-being. 

This is great news for music lovers everywhere. If you find it hard to be productive  in your office or workplace, play your favorite compilation and you may finish your  work in no time. 

Improves concentration 

Almost always when you need to sit down to focus on an important report or article,  someone in the office seems to be screaming while on the phone or talking to a co worker. Fortunately, music helps concentration, being the perfect way to drown out  the noise. It is even said that classical music may be the best genre to listen to  when trying to focus on the task at hand. 

Increases imagination 

One of the benefits of music on working people is the nourishment of their  imagination. A new study explored music as a source of creativity. Since music has  been shown to improve cognition, learning, and memory in other studies, it’s no  wonder it has an impact on creative thinking. 

In the experiment, participants tried creativity exercises that measured divergent or  convergent thinking. All this while they were exposed to either silence (the control  scenario) or classical music that evoked four different emotional states: happy, calm, sad or anxious

After comparing the performance of the participants in all five scenarios, the  researchers found that those who had listened to upbeat music had significantly  higher scores on divergent thinking than those who had acted in silence. In other  words, they came up with more complete, creative, and innovativeideas.

Helps motivation 

Playing music to work in the office can be an efficient way to face challenges or assignments that seem complicated. We’ve already talked about the effect music  has on productivity, and that’s directly related to motivation. 

When we listen to our favorite songs we feel better and able to do anything. This  quality, transferred to the labour field, can help generate more proactive, dynamic  and decisive professionals. 

Improves your mood 

We’ve all had days where we show up to work in a good mood and then the hustle  and bustle of work changes it before we finish our first cup of coffee. Maybe a  morning meeting brought more problems and stress to your work life, you feel tired  from overwork, or a deadline came up. 

Whatever the case, your mood has taken a hard hit, but a chemical that can be  released in the brain called dopamine can revive your good mood. Listening to  music while working is the fastest way to increase dopamine levels in your system. 

Happy and less stressed employees are more productive employees. While it’s  important to focus on the task at hand, even more important is your well-being so  you can do your best work. So play your favorite song and get to work. You’re  about to be more productive than ever. 

You retain more information 

Listening to music may not make us smarter, but in addition to concentration, a  good tune improvesperformance on cognitive tasks. In older adults, listening to  upbeat music improves the speed of information processing. 

On the other hand, memory seems to benefit from both fast-paced and slow-paced  music to retain more data. However, the benefits of cognitive performance can vary  depending on how much we like or dislike music. At Lund University, researchers  found that people who listened to their favorite music had better concentration 

and performance than those who listened to non-favourite music. So whether it’s hip hop, pop, rock or heavy metal, the important thing is that music  accompanies you in your day to day. In Cloudworks you will have an unbeatable  space for you to let yourself be carried away by the best songs while you work.  Discover all our spaces on our website.

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