1.​ ​Provide coworkers or employees with dishware
This may seem like a costly improvement initially, but the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs overtime. Think about how full your company’s waste baskets are by the end of a given day. Or, if you’re ahead and already provide coworkers with dishware like to Cloud Coworking, think about how full the dishwasher and sink are already just by the end of lunch. Investing in dishware is a win-win. Sustainably, you are protecting the environment from tons of wasted paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, and other avoidable trash. Economically, you’ll eventually breakeven on the amount you invest in dishware compared to that which you would have continued to spend on wasteful supplies.

2.​ ​Install a green waste center
Encourage employees and coworkers to think before they throw! Provide proper waste bins in central locations in your workspace. Make it easy for employees to sort through their recyclable paper, glass, and plastic, trash, and compost by labeling and providing a designated place for each. Worried about space? At Cloud, we’ve incorporated our waste center within our kitchen counter, away from our food prep area, and added fitted lids to get the most out of our space.

3.​ ​Give employees and coworkers reusable water bottles
Like dishware, we believe it’s also worth investing in reusable water bottles to distribute to employees. It’s yet another way to reduce waste as well as the amount of money spent on office supplies. With reusable water bottles, you also have the chance to get creative! Incorporate a fun design including your company’s logo, and you’ve now executed a new marketing strategy.

4.​ ​Print green
A necessary evil. While it’s an inevitable part of any company, there are a number of ways your office can become more green when it comes to printing. Encourage employees or coworkers to print only in color when necessary in order to use less ink, purchase recycled paper or a paper alternative made of other materials such as hemp or bamboo, distribute information via e-mail whenever possible, and utilize recycled ink and toner cartridges. These small changes have the ability to make a much larger impact overtime.

5.​ ​Include bike rack
Employees are much less likely to utilize green transportation if it’s inconvenient. In smaller cities where bicycling and scooters (hopefully electric!) are already commonplace, like Barcelona, bike racks are an especially important feature to offer at any workspace.
By encouraging increased use of green transportation and thus decreasing the amount of gasoline consumed by an individual, bike racks can also help out with our enormous pollution problem. The added convenience also has the ability to increase employee satisfaction and can even make your company more appealing to potential hires who already prefer to ride
sustainably. If your building doesn't allow bikes, no problem. It's also possible to find and work together with nearby parking lots and designate specific spaces for your company.