5 Tips to choose your ideal coworking


5 Tips to choose your ideal coworking

August 12 / 2019

You are considering moving to a coworking. You have probably heard a lot about the subject and how it can change your vision about work, increase the productivity of your team and strengthen your network of contacts. So you decide to search for “coworking” in Google and within a few seconds you get overwhelmed with the amount of options, types of spaces and technicalities that exist in this sector. 

While at Cloudworks we are faithful believers that choosing a shared office is very personal, we want to make your search experience a little easier. We know that there are key factors that you should take into account when choosing your ideal coworking and we want to share with you a simple guide. 

Before listing our tips, let’s start with the most important thing: the visit. To have a real approach to your future workspace we recommend that you coordinate visits in the most attractive coworking centers for you. Make a list of priorities according to your needs and ask all the questions you have. During this phase you will be able to validate the points that we will list below precisely and truthfully. 

5 Key factors that you should take into account when choosing your ideal coworking.

1. Location 

The location of your workspace is very important, whether you are a freelancer or if you manage a team. It must be a central place and easily accessible by public transport, especially if your company has a team of people who move from different parts of the city or its surroundings. In addition to this, you should consider whether there is an area of strategic interest for your customers or suppliers. 

Currently, some coworking companies have different spaces, even in different cities, so finding your ideal location will be much easier. 

2. Type of space 

The coworking centers are designed so that there is a type of space for each profile or company. The type of space will depend on your work and team dynamics. For example, if you need privacy for confidentiality issues, a private office is the ideal space. If you are self-employed and work from home, or if you travel constantly, flex coworking is perfect for you. If your company is growing, you can choose to combine plans such as a private office and some coworking fix positions for greater flexibility. 

In the case of large teams (from about 20 people approximately) you can consider the option of private offices, also known as serviced office. This type of space will allow you to have a private 

office and exclusive access for your team, without losing the benefits of being in a coworking. Forget the operational work of an office so you can dedicate yourself to your work. 

3. Flexibility

The flexibility that coworking can give you is wide. Some of the aspects to consider for each option are:

The types of space they offer and their design, both working and common areas, terraces, type of furniture, etc.

That you can change or expand your workspace depending on your needs at the moment. Your ideal coworking should facilitate changes and the search for a new space if necessary. -The existence or non existence of minimum stay, according to the type of space you choose. -Flexible access times, ideally 24/7.

4. Included services and benefits 

One of the most important attractions of having your work space in a coworking is the services included. The stand out ones are: 

Internet service: Pay special attention to speed and network specifications. Also if you can adapt the connectivity to your needs if necessary (from your own line with fixed IP to customized infrastructure)

Supplies included: Take into account what types of additional expenses or management on your part that may be included in the price. Some of these are: coffee, tea, filtered water, milk, condiments, beer, etc. 

Benefits: This is an added value that goes unnoticed and can be very useful. Find out what agreements they can offer you or your company with shops, brands, restaurants in the form of discounts or gifts for being part of the coworking community. 

5. Community

Each person or company has a different approach to each coworking space and the people who are part of their community. That is why it is key that you visit each space, so you can see where you identify yourself and if you visualize your team or your project in that workspace. 

It is very useful to ask your point of contact in each coworking the type of companies that work there, what profiles and sectors make up the community. The people in charge of the space and the community will channel your needs so that you can succeed in your choice. 

You can also ask about the type of events they organize and how they foster the connection between members. This will give you a clearer idea of the type of contacts you can generate and the spirit of community that you will find in each space. 

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