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Dec 03. /2019 / 19:00 - 21:00 PM / 4th Floor
@ Coworking Sagrada Família

What No One Tells You About Launching a Startup in Barcelona.

2 years ago Hristina Milojevic and Omar Elzoheiry founded Green Flamingo, a boutique digital-solutions agency. They know the challenges of doing business in Barcelona. Hristina and Omar will share their startup story and open the discussion to answer any questions you may have. 

Topics they will discuss include: 

  • What are the dynamics of doing business in Cataluña for foreigners? 
  • How to navigate language and cultural differences?
  • Negotiating bureaucracy and uncertain legal procedures.
  • How do you ensure your accountant has complied with all the necessary legal requirements to do business in Cataluña? 
  • Getting paid for your work and attracting the ‘right’ clientele.
  • What to do if a client cannot or does not pay you? 
  • What should you do if a client insists on informal contracts and agreements? Should you take on this client?


Hristina Milojevic is a project manager and co-founder of Green Flamingo, a Digital Solutions Agency based in Barcelona. Green Flamingo executes projects to help startups and growing brands compete online and achieve higher visibility.

Omar Elzoheiry is a project manager and co-founder of Green Flamingo. In addition, Omar consults for several Universities and NGOs as a grant proposal writer for Research and Innovation (R&I) projects.


Dec 03. /2019
19:00 - 21:00 PM

Coworking Sagrada Família
4th Floor